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This is for your wife

S/V Lady M @BwanaLawFirm
Posted on X February 22, 2024

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

This was in response to someone sharing a picture of their AR-15 chambered in 300 blk.

It is an actual “book” available on Amazon. Of course it has blank pages for content:

Living with a Micro Penis: Overcoming the Stigma of Having a Small Penis is the perfect gift for your friend with small manhood. Learn to overcome the stigma of having a wee willy with this 100-page, blank lined journal that makes a hilariously perfect gag gift for everyone – Mom, Dad, friends, and family, male or female. If you want to make someone laugh then this is the ideal present.

Zero content, because after the last gasp insult they are completely out of responses.


4 thoughts on “Last Gasp Insult

  1. And she/it probably had to use google/gemini to get the idea.
    Communists should pray this clown-show never gets passed the meme stage.
    I bet if you turned off it’s phone for 20 minutes it would stroke-out and die.

  2. Comment: “This is for your wife.”

    My reply: My wife has more balls than your husband. We BOTH fulfill ALL our vows, including “love, honor, and PROTECT”. Do you?

  3. I don’t get why they are so concerned about penis size.
    Sex isn’t, and shouldn’t, be everything in a real relationship.

    Yet again this focus shows that the people who want to control us are missing – I suspect they want to control us because we aren’t as miserable as they are; they think that by controlling us they can make us as miserable as they are. Won’t happen. We know it won’t because there are many historical examples from people in far worse surroundings.

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