Quote of the day—Dogs don’t have thumbs @MorlockP

I believe in a multi-racial, progressive society where whites, blacks, and Koreans can all work together to stand on rooftops and shoot communists.

Dogs don’t have thumbs @MorlockP
Tweeted on August 23, 2021
Deleted by Twitter sometime between August 24, 10:22 AM PDT and August 25 7:01 PM PDT.
[That was an unexpected plot twist in the last couple of words.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Trace Munson

As we’ve noted many times before, anti-gunners believe that firearms are actually just men’s way of “overcompensating” for our genitalia.  When Governor Cuomo shut the gun stores down at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the guns struck back with a bullying campaign, teasing poor Andy that all the women around him could tell that he had a small penis. He had two choices: Either re-open the gun stores and allow the guns to go back to gunning around killing innocent people all by gunselves, or correct everyone’s false belief about his mighty member.

Trace Munson
July 8, 2021
More Things Cuomo Can Blame on Guns
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Tamara K. @TamSlick

Vaccines can’t melt steel beams… unless they’re weakened by 5G exposure!

Tamara K. @TamSlick
Tweeted on June 25, 2021
[I’m a little surprised that she didn’t manage to get in a reference to the grassy knoll. Certainly she has the talent to do so. But, perhaps that’s getting a little obscure for the youngsters out there.—Joe]

A case can be made for this

From a private Facebook discussion about defense of personal property, Bill said:

Heads on pikes should be suitable for display until a proper weatherproof likeness can be provided for permanent view.

I can see a case being made for this in certain circumstances. Not that it should be applicable in all situations (the two-year old getting into the cookie jar for example).

That I love sick humor probably contributes to the appeal of this.

Quote of the day—Frank J. Fleming @IMAO_

Are ghost guns guns useable by ghosts or guns that allow you to shoot ghosts? Because that makes a big difference in whether I want them banned or not.

Frank J. Fleming @IMAO_
Tweeted on April 8, 2021
[As pointed out by Shawn Slipknotyk @slipknotyk06, there is another possibility which should be considered. Perhaps a ghost gun is a gun that shoot ghosts out the barrel.

I think we need to move very slowly on this whole ghost gun banning thing. There are constitutional questions as well. Surely if the guns are for ghosts of U.S. citizens then such a law would be unconstitutional. And if the ghosts were “undocumented immigrants”, once they are in this country don’t they have the same rights to gun ownership as citizen ghosts?—Joe]

Gun humor

Via email from Rolf (and Sneedus Feedus):


Various loadings:


Muzzle Velocity

Power Factor

300 gr (19 g)

2,606 ft/s
(794 m/s)


350 gr (23 g)

2,557 ft/s
(779 m/s)


400 gr (26 g)

2,468 ft/s
(752 m/s)


500 gr (32 g)

2,192 ft/s
(668 m/s)


For comparison a fairly typical .300 Winchester Magnum load would be a 190 grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of 2900 fps for a Power Factor of 551. Or compare it to a .308 Winchester with a 168 grain bullet at 2650 fps with a PF of 445.

The semi-auto action of the Garand would help a little but I couldn’t see myself shooting that except under duress.

Cinderella story

Via Matthew Bracken @Matt_Bracken:


I’ve deleted this meme. It was overstating things more than what I think is acceptable.

Yes, it is an acknowledged fact that Kamala Harris was dating Willy Brown in 1994 and 1995 and that he gave her political appointments at or about that time. This probably should have been investigated as nepotism.

But the meme strongly implies her selection as a U.S. V.P. candidate was because of her sleeping with “powerfully connected men”. This is a big stretch with the currently available evidence. Where there relationships with other men which also contributed to her success? I’ve not heard of any. And I’m nearly certain there have been a lot of people looking for that sort of dirt and would have reported it if they had found it.

Certainly the case can be made that her appointments 25 years put her on a path to her current position. But the path is far too long to reasonably say the Willy Brown relationship was a dominate factor in her successful traversal of that path.

A sense of humor

After investigating the domain https://donaldtrump.watch I wondered about https://joebiden.watch. Someone has a sense of humor.

You might not want to visit.* It redirects to https://www.nambla.org/ (North American Man/ Boy Love Association). The Infogalatica page for them is here.

* I didn’t actually visit the site. I used a tool which captured various types of information about the URL as well as a screen shot of the main web page.

Quote of the day—Dan Rather @DanRather

As a fact checker, where do you begin? I am being serious. I really don’t know where one starts.

Dan Rather @DanRather
Tweeted on August 27, 2020
[This should surprise no one. I am more surprised that he admits this.*—Joe]

* To be honest Rather, almost for certain, was speaking in a different context than what I originally took it. But I found it so funny that I had to share it in my preferred context.

Quote of the day—Tony Middleton

David Dyer-Bennet what you’re doing with oxygen is just WRONG.

Tony Middleton
August 29, 2020
Comment on Facebook.
[This was in response to Dyer-Bennet commenting about my blog post where I said one the terrorists killed should be nominated for a Darwin Award:

I’m really squicked by the suggestion that a guy who used what he had, which happened to be a skate board, to try to stop a rapid-mass-murder in progress, was a Darwin Award contender rather than a hero. Putting others before yourself when you’re in a position to try to stop bad shit is, in my view, heroic.

While I think the comment is hilarious, I think suggesting Dyer-Bennet is a waste of oxygen is going a bit too far. Oxygen is abundant. I could see a case being made for water and, of course, food is a slam dunk.—Joe]

Reparations enlightenment

For years when I would hear someone suggest people who descended from slaves in this country should be given reparations for the wrongs done to their ancestors I would almost immediately dismiss the idea. No one alive today has been legally a slave in this country. And no one alive today has legally been a slave owner in this country. So who and why should anyone alive today be responsible for something they didn’t do and who should receive compensation for a wrong they did not suffer?

I recently saw the error of my ways. I reached a state of enlightenment on my own. I am now in partial agreement with those who are demanding reparations for the terrible injustice inflicted upon so many people by legal slavery so many years ago.

With this blog post perhaps I can convince more people to see the light and spread the word of how we can deliver a small measure of belated justice. Please, hear me out on this. It’s important.

As I said in the opening paragraph the problem I initially saw with reparations is that no one alive today was alive when the wrongs occurred. But I now see that the descendants of those who were forcibly brought here would have had a much different life if their ancestors had not been brought here. Therefore if the descendants of people forcibly brought here choose to live their life in the land where their ancestors were taken from then I can see the justice in providing them a one-way ticket to their ancestral homeland on the condition they not return except for occasional visits.

With that part of the issue settled we still have the question of how to pay for this transportation. I think I have that issue figured out too.

It is my belief that there are some descendants of slaves who consider themselves fortunate that they were born in this country and are free citizens here rather than living in the land of their ancestors. Therefore, I propose these people pay the price of a single one-way ticket to a fund to send those who wish to escape this country back to their homeland.

If there are insufficient funds to send everyone desirous of returning then a GoFundMe account should be easily able to make up the difference. I know that I would pay a fair amount to such a fund just to get people to, once and for all time, stop whining about reparations. And I’m sure a lot of other people would too. I don’t think there would be any problems getting sufficient funding to sent all those people back to their homeland.

If, on the other hand, there ends up being an excess of funds in the account the funds should go to the descendants of the slave owners*. The reasoning for this is that the people grateful to be here rather than in their ancestral land owe a debt, which they have never paid for being here. It’s true that the descendants of the slave owners didn’t pay the price of bringing current wrongful residents here, but it makes as much or more sense than the original version of reparations.

There is one more wrinkle that I can see worth ironing out. Many of the descendants of wrongful residents are also descendants of people who voluntarily migrated here. I propose their contribution to the fund or ticket price for their return, whichever they chose, be prorated according to the percentage of DNA they have which traces back to the ancestral homeland of the slaves.

Please share and help heal the wounds of that terrible institution of legal slavery once and for all.

* To the best of my knowledge none of my ancestors were slave owners so I can’t see that I’m furthering my own self-interest here.

Good advice

Via Tamera@tacsgc:


This is good advice anytime you go to the range and especially when you are shooting on the property of others. Clean up your mess so you can come back next time.