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I lived in West Oakland for three years 15-18. My fondest memory is the CHP helicopter flying overhead weekly blaring this message on repeat: Police Dogs Have Been Released, Stay In Your Home or You Will Get Bitten.

The third week in our house there was a gang drive-by on an apartment one block over, three dudes with AK’s did full mag dumps as fast as they could pull the trigger. The third shooter was a little slower than the other two so when they hopped in the car they drove off with out him while he finished his mag. Looked around and jogged off so nonchalantly I was startled. I soon understood why when the police showed up SIX minutes later.

East Oakland was pure hell, I would not travel there to get my pregnant wife Pollo Loco (which not getting was not an option!) without wearing lvl III body armour under my hoodie and carrying my illegal, not on the list, non-registered pistol.

And the best part, according to this article, that was THE GOOD period…

Benelli @disqus_9VxERuctzE
August 23, 2023
Comment to Sick and Tired in Oakland

I have nothing to add to this that everyone else is not already thinking. That’s right, they need to defund the police. That will fix their problems.


5 thoughts on “Defunding the Police

  1. Poor darl’lins. The thing they won’t admit is that large groups of people with little to no impulse control aren’t going to be safe to live around no matter how much you spend on police.
    Which I believe is the point of open borders.
    The good news is that it reduces the threat of being nuked. As long as Biden keeps doing what China and Russia paid him to do.
    We will end as a worse basket case than Hiroshima ever was.
    And the commies will get what they truly want. A new national police force. (No communist takeover is complete without one.) Crime is just to much for a cities to handle. We need the UN!
    Ya, but why does everyone in a blue helmet have slanty eyes, and speak Mandarin? And are more racist than any three nazi’s anyone has ever met?
    The NAACP, New American Almost Communist Party. That couldn’t give a crap less about colored people. Or anyone else but themselves, for that matter.
    The real comedy is how many people act surprised.

    • large groups of people with little to no impulse control aren’t going to be safe to live around no matter how much you spend on police.
      That’s the GOAL of open borders. “O, national government, we will give you what you always wanted, total control over our lives, if only you will save us from this problem you caused!

      A national or international police force, Constitutional protections that don’t work will be gone in the name of safety, public and personal.

      And a police force that believes the population they govern is subhuman, what the Left has always claimed about the American police, will become the truth when the Federal government outsources its newly nationalized police to China. After all, they have all these permanently single men looking for fulfilling work.

      • Yup, that and all the fighting age males they’ve imported, just laying around eating pizza right now.
        Will look great in blue helmets and uniform.
        With the same low impulse control.
        Glad I’m old and ugly. They will just shoot me. This is no time to be a cute little blond girl.

  2. There have been places like this in many parts of the country for YEARS. It’s not just a recent phenomenon. Back in the 80’s I did mobile imaging in a semi in parts of South Central and the Crenshaw district. The whole area was akin to Mogadishu. I routinely carried a snub nosed 357 in a IWB holster beneath my white lab coat while working. But those areas even then were FIRMLY under control of the Demonrat party.

    • Exactly, We got more than our share of “no go” zones for whitey in this country. And your spot on. It shows.
      I guess the real question is how much is it going to cost to keep them there?

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