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New York City, a bastion of gun control, has reportedly been experiencing a sharp rise in stabbings and slashings over the past four years. Despite having some of the strictest gun control laws, the city remains quite dangerous for many residents.

While the Supreme Court’s decision in New York Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen has made it harder for states with anti-gun governments, places like New York are still finding ways to restrict the right to keep and bear arms. Unfortunately, it does not appear these laws are truly keeping people safe.

Jeff Charles
August 19, 2023
Stabbings, Slashings on the Rise in Gun Control Haven, New York City

Referenced by the quote above, NYC stabbings and slashings surge in 2023 by 26%

Stabbings and slashings are surging this year across New York City – skyrocketing 26% since 2019, according to disturbing new NYPD data obtained by The Post.

Since Jan. 1 through Aug. 13, the city has seen 3,365 nonfatal stabbings, compared to 2,666 four years ago. The number is also up 5% from the same period last year, which saw 3,208 nonfatal incidents of knife violence.

So far this year, 53 people have died by blade — a shocking 29% increase from 41 in 2019.

The evidence is clear, gun control is obviously not about safety.


7 thoughts on “It is Not About Safety

  1. People need to learn that the word “despite” (as in “despite having some of the strictest…”) is utterly wrong, and the correct word is “because”.

  2. It’s about safety – the safety of oppressive government officials, not of the ordinary citizens.

    • No, you’re just “less dead” from a stab/slash wound than from a gunshot wound.

      Sometimes I think one of the Leftist Articles of Faith is that there’s a special Hell for anyone who dies by gunshot, and any other cause of death goes to Heaven. Thus, they don’t care how a murder victim dies, as long as it’s not by gunshot. Saving souls, don’t ya know!

    • Which goes back to the ways/how’s of reporting crime. If it gets done at all.
      One can have the safest city in America statistically if don’t report crime to the UCR, (Universal Crime Report), through the FBI.
      Or if a prosecutor decides to drop/change charges. Or if all the other bureaucrats aren’t doing their jobs.
      Like if police don’t show up or write the crime as something other than what happened.
      What’s not in doubt and no need to lie about is that knives are the easiest weapons in the world to get or make. And the more base people you have packed together the more violence there will be. (Open borders anyone?)
      Stabbings are going to be part of the territory.
      Think prison. No stats necessary.
      Plan accordingly.

      • That’s one way the Country Where Great Britain Used to Be keeps their crime stats low. A death isn’t a “murder” or “homicide” unless a suspected killer is arrested, charged, tried, and found guilty. Until then, it’s an unclassified death. (And yes, that means when there IS a murder, the stats get updated retroactively. And that they can keep the murder rate at or near 0 by simply not pursuing killers.)

        Contrast to America, where a death by apparent non-natural or accidental causes is counted as a homicide from the get-go, until and unless proven otherwise. It can still be reclassified retroactively based on evidence, but that’s uncommon; in most cases, a homicide is a homicide regardless of how — or whether — it’s investigated or adjudicated.

        Something to keep in mind when the antis claim that America is so much more violent than Formerly-Great Britain because of our higher homicide rates — the two countries count these things very differently.

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