Evil? Stupid? False Flag? Definitely Funny!

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I have never heard a reasonable argument for why a sportsman or a hunter needs to turn their rifle into a machine gun with the use of a bump stock to kill Bambi’s mom. The only purpose of a bump stock is to kill as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

The way forward is to ban guns except as needed by a well-regulated militia. Everything else is just changing the retail name of the thing that will be purchased to murder children and ex-girlfriends.

Elie Mystal
November 7, 2023
The Supreme Court’s Next Big Gun Case Puts Us All in the Crosshairs

The absurdity is so great that I have to wonder if she is actually running a false flag operation for the benefit of gun owners.

On one hand she pretends to believe guns are only for sportsmen (and presumably sportswomen) and hunters who don’t need machine guns. This ignores the need for private citizens to defend themselves and their communities as recently demonstrated in the Ukraine and Israel.

Then she wants to ban all guns except those needed by a well-regulated militia. Of course, as pointed out by SCOTUS, the militia includes most private citizens. Hence, she is advocating for the banning of guns used for hunting and making available true assault rifles, .50 BMG machine guns, and artillery.

I’m laughing even though it is such a serious topic. Her display of evil lies, stupidity, and/or a poorly executed false flag operation is just so over the top I can’t help it.


6 thoughts on “Evil? Stupid? False Flag? Definitely Funny!

  1. Well, when the communists have lost the argument so badly, so many times. The only thing she has left is to talk shit to all her loser friends.
    (Sounds like that whole BFYTW campaign is having an effect.)
    At which point nothing has to be coherent. Just a jumble of rehashed illogic only you and your fellow travelers get.
    Actually, I’m surprised she didn’t throw in a comment about our little dicks were comping for.
    Hey Elie, just in case you and your commie buds do get a SCOTUS decision in your favor?
    GFY, not giving a f–k. Why? BFYTW. We don’t know nothing ’bout no stinking decisions.

  2. A well-regulated militia needs Carl Gustav recoilless rifles, 40mm grenade launchers (smoke and irritants for riot control, at minimum), body armor, load bearing gear, moderately-armored diesel-powered all-terrain vehicles…

    I can make a TOE, and all of the stuff on that list should be tax free, in support of a well-regulated militia. The militia buys their own personal gear, so the power to tax should not be allowed to interfere with the ability of the militia to operate regularly.

    • Sorry, but how I hear it. “Her testicles shouldn’t make her less of a woman.”
      Don’t act like a bitch, won’t be no bitch.

  3. She may not truly understand her argument, but it is perfectly in keeping with the US Supreme Court’s “Miller” ruling.

    In Miller, SCOTUS held that a sawn off shotgun is not protected under the Second Amendment because the court had been presented no evidence that that particular style of weapon had any utility to the maintenance of a well regulated militia.

    Based on that ruling, the implication is that weapons that DO have utility to a well-regulated militia…i.e. military weapons…ARE protected under the Second Amendment. So Elmer Fudd’s double barrel shotgun is more readily subject to banning than, say, an M-60 machine gun, because shooting bambi has little to do with maintaining a well regulated militia.

    So, although I imagine she would be aghast were she capable of following her stated logic to it’s inevitable conclusion, kudos to her for staying true to the principles espoused by SCOTUS in its first major 2nd Amendment ruling.

    M-60’s for everyone!!! (although, honestly, I’d probably hold out for an M-2 that I could pintle mount in the bed of my pickup).

    • Despite Elie’s profound confusion, the plural form of “hunter” is not “militia”.

      The constitutional purpose of the American militia is to guarantee the state of freedom. The militia is not well-regulated, or “operating regularly with regard to its purpose”, if it is not properly equipped and trained for securing the freedom of the People against those that would threaten that freedom.

      Deer, bears, geese, ducks, wolves, snakes and rabbits, while tasty, do not threaten the security of the People’s state of freedom. Thus, those animals are of little concern to the militia.

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