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The early Americans tolerated all sorts of bad experiences from King George III, but when he decided to take the guns, it was Revolution Time. In April 1775, when the Redcoats left Boston to march to Lexington/Concord, they were not marching to rape and pillage the countryside….. No, they were intent on confiscating the Americans guns.

Mark W. Smith/#2A Scholar @fourboxesdiner
Tweeted on October 29, 2023

And we are tolerating all sorts of bad experiences now. The confiscation of guns would be a similar spark to the one in 1775.


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  1. Oleg Volk created a wonderful image (with a couple in revolutionary era costume) on this exact point.

  2. It wasn’t revolution, it was secession. The Founders made no attempt to overthrow the government of Britain.

    I doubt that modern Americans have the fortitude to go there.

  3. I am not so sure it would do anything. California has confiscated guns when it changed the laws and no one did anything. We all saw how the majority went along with the Covid mandates. I think we are much weaker species of human than the ones that stood on this land in 1776.

    I hope I am wrong.

    • As long as people have reasonable options short of violence, they will go that route. California gun owners could move to a different state or, in most cases, create plausible deniability via a “transfer” to a close relative out of state and/or just ignore the state. There are also court action options available which are showing some fruit.

      That said, the boiled frog approach of the gun banners is also showing fruit.

  4. Smith is top shelve when it comes to 2A. His analysis of cases before the SCOTUS are priceless. Breaking down the nutz and boltz of decisions and inner working of the court system that would be impossible for the layman.
    Give a listen to his updates as he will keep you well informed.
    Be ready though, he can talk fast and deep.
    As for revolutions and such. We will always be puzzled by the exact number of people fighting in the last one. Some say 3%? Doesn’t matter as support for fighters is completely different.
    Logistics tells us that one needs 7 support staff for every fighter. And we know most people just go along, to get along, in whatever system they find themselves. Back then food was very plentiful.
    Not so anymore. Which increases those fighting. But over food, not government.
    All that aside. What were going into is not a revolution or insurrection. Its a dissolution of the US government. And rendering of chaos so we can’t replace it.
    Replacement, if it happens is a long way out. And chances are most of us won’t be around for that.
    Government and useful idiots are being sacrificed against patriots to take the USA off the world stage. The plan worked. And after a few meals of polk and grits, (Where you polk your feet under the table, grit your teeth, and wish you had something to eat.) Killing or liking government will be determined by what shows up at your door. Not DC.
    And with the amount of self-esteem we have today? It’s going to be a meatgrinder like no one ever saw before.
    Plan accordingly.

  5. “The confiscation of guns would be a similar spark to the one in 1775”.

    No….it would not. As long as the beer flows, the pizza is hot and the latest sportsball game is being broadcast the criminals in power can do pretty much whatever they want. Including disarming us. NOBODY wants to ‘be the first’ to start shooting at the criminals in power…because once that starts everything gets ugly. REAL ugly.

  6. Would love to see a comparison of colonial era tax rates to what we are suffering now, particularly in light of the colossal expansion of the federal government over the past 100ish years.

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