5 thoughts on “Jews in The Attic Test Makes the Big Time

    • After 1945, the only demographic in Europe larger than the number of French who were in the Resistance was the number of Germans who were never NAZIs.

  1. Excellent test. We can only pray our betters would take all of it into consideration when passing laws.
    But since it goes against what their top donors want. Not much chance.
    The other part is you should never hide a Jew in your attic. Give them a gun and tell them to go kill communist/nazis.
    Or go give the C/N’s something to waste their bullets on. But you ain’t hiding anymore.
    Danm, didn’t we learn anything from Ann Franks diary?

  2. No.
    Last time the Nazis were doing it,and like Darth Vader, they were total evil.This time the Leftists are the good guys and have real reasons and arguments, not mere racism and mere opinions.

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