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We must come to grips with the reality that the only reason people buy automatic AR15-style assault weapons in America is not for home protection, target practice, or hunting. An automatic weapon is not needed to do these activities. Assault weapons are only used for one thing—to kill the largest number of people in the shortest time possible.

Thy Black Man—Staff
November 5, 2023
Gun Control: What Will It Take To Ban Assault Weapons In America?

There are tens of millions of “assault weapons” used by people in this country. Since there aren’t 100s of millions of deaths each year via these killing machine then we must be using them wrong. Or… They are lying.

You have to wonder at the audacity and the motivation for such a lie.

With the lynching of black men and the use of firearms by the Black Panthers within living memory you would think the authors would realize the utility of firearms for self-defense against an oppressive or even the turning of a blind eye to crimes against people of their skin color.

Perhaps they do understand this and are working for the day when they have the power to oppress the descendants of their ancestors oppressors.

Whatever the reason for their lies, prepare and respond appropriately to retain our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.


12 thoughts on “Audacious Lies

  1. “…automatic AR-15 style assault weapons…” is of course a designation for an empty class.

    • Almost empty. The ArmaLite Ar-15 was a select fire weapon. However, production stopped in 1964 and it was only marketed to governments. The IRA apparently got ahold of some.

  2. So many lies, so little time.

    The deliberate/intentional conflating of “automatic” and semi-automatic for those completely and utterly ignorant of firearms is just one of the lies in his statement.

    Another lie is the “assault weapon” label. Given that there is a reasonably standard definition of an assault rifle (full-auto, intermediate cartridge, carbine-length barrel) they have devolved upon “assault weapon” as their default, once again demonstrating how collectivists deliberately mangle language to confuse the ignorant. A busted-off tree branch can be an “assault weapon” if used in an assault.

    The concept that any weapon can be used ONLY for offensive purposes is also another lie. He would prefer to have women and small-statured men completely defenseless against those of larger stature, and utterly ignores even the possibility of using a weapon in defense of self or others against the aggression of those who wish to harm or kill non-aggressors.

    He is simply evil.

    • And one should never forget when the government are buying them for the education dept., IRS, or some other 3 letter agency. Even the full-auto ones are called PDW’s. “Personal Defense Weapons”.
      If not for hypocrisy, they would have no principals at all.

  3. And once again we see a fine example of communism asking for reason. So they can obtain the power to be unreasonable.
    Sorry, why would I give up my weapon of war. Were in the middle of one you idiot.
    We can only surmise “Thy black man”, thinks were ready to surrender?
    Sorry again, you landed in the country of John Paul Jones, we ain’t even begun to fight.
    And I would like to take a moment to thank you’all for the good excuse to!
    Gun control was what got you tyrants ass whooped last time. This one only be a little different. And after all, I am a white supremist terrorist, right? Why can’t I have the guns too?

  4. Just saw where the US is demanding that the M-16’s that Israel is trying to buy must not be given to any people that live in or near a disputed area. WTF do they think they want them for?

    • I saw that, too.

      The Biden Administration wants Israel citizens defenseless? Or maybe they don’t want an example of private citizens using guns like that to undermine their plans for a disarmed U.S. citizenry.

      In any scenario I can come up with they are a bunch of evil SOBs. Prove me wrong on that assertion.

      • Yes, it does seem they want citizens (anywhere in the world) defenseless. Unfortunately, the government of Israel isn’t a whole lot better in that respect.

    • 1) People have been fighting over that particular region for probably at least 10,000 years. Why the heck are we getting ourselves sucked into this mess? Especially with our track record when it comes to land wars in Asia? Seems pretty stupid to me.

      2) Or else what? Now they have the M16s. Regardless of what we tell them they can or can’t do with them, the Israelis now have M16s. For practical purposes, what we say about it now doesn’t matter, because they have the rifles.

  5. I had no idea that was my intention as I was shopping.

    I also had no idea that I purchased a fully automatic weapon. Apparently neither did the manufacturer, the dealer, or the agent at NICS.

    If that’s really what it’s for, it doesn’t seem to work very well. My guns never killed anyone. I don’t want them to. In all likelihood they never will.

    I think this person lacks imagination.

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