Sad and Ironic? Yes, Also Rogue and Evil.

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It is a sad and ironic twist that the ATF professes its desire to protect the privacy of gunowners, considering this case involves ATF’s covert surveillance program that for years has been spying on, invading the privacy of, and gathering private information about those very persons. It is more ironic still that ATF seeks to protect that information vis-à-vis Plaintiffs, nonprofit organizations whose mission is to protect and defend the rights (including the privacy) of gunowners against government infringement. This Court should deny Defendant’s request to force Plaintiffs to sequester, to not use, and to destroy records about a secret government program that fails to sequester, nefariously uses, and fails to destroy records about gun sales that Congress’s own statutory protective order declares must be destroyed and not used.

Gun Owners of America, Inc., el al.
October 13, 2023
Plaintiffs’ Opposition to Defendant’s Motion For Protective Order

If the ATF people had any moral decency this would burn pretty deep. As it is, I suspect this will be regarded as a source of pride.

I hope the judge sees the ATF for what it is. It is a government organization without constitutional authority run amuck. I hope they enjoy their trial.


2 thoughts on “Sad and Ironic? Yes, Also Rogue and Evil.

  1. One can always tell how far down the road we are to tyranny by the ignorance of their lies.
    I mean, wait, what? They want to protect the privacy of gun owners information, through non-disclosure of information they are not allowed to have?????
    Being a judge, my only question would be two part; Who wrote the rule, and why aren’t they in prison yet?
    Since the FBI, ATF, CIA, and most of government in general wants to leave off half the law. I’m down with the spirit. I’ll leave off the other half.
    And we can rest assured society is ruled by none other than force.
    Which it always has been. We had a nice run with the whole rule of law for everybody thingy.
    But were way passed that now!

  2. The criminals at BATFEces will do what they want…regardless of any thing a court may order. They, like the rest of the criminals infesting Fed Gov agencies have come to the realization that there is NOBODY in a position of authority who has the means to force them to obey the law, obey a court ruling or simply obey the laws of moral decency that most of society at least pretends to honor.

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