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In 1993, the ATF and FBI burned 76 people alive in Waco, Texas, including 25 children and two pregnant women.

The DOJ would go on to lie about how the fires started.

This all happened despite the fact that those involved could have, at any time, picked up the person they were after outside of the compound.

Federal agencies have only grown in size since then. They are so big that there are too many agents to focus on the things they were built to focus on solely, and they have now started doing things like infiltrating catholic groups, calling mothers worried about their children’s education “domestic terrorists,” and creating an entire false plot to kidnap a governor.

These agencies must be cut back to a size so small to non-existent that they only have enough time to focus on real issues, like multi state serial killers and child sex trafficking. Those left after 70% layoffs will either focus on actual crimes or go work in mailrooms at building across the country.

The ATF headquarters building must be demolished and turned into a dog park to honor all the fallen dogs.

Joshua Smith from Break The Cycle @JoshuaAtLarge
Ex-Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee Candidate for POTUS
Tweeted on September 22, 2023

This is the type of guy I want as our next United States President.

It is a nice fantasy. The reality is I need an underground bunker in Idaho.


2 thoughts on “Joshua Smith from Break The Cycle @JoshuaAtLarge

  1. Remember the old pictures of communist China? There were always a bunch people with brooms sweeping up outside the forbidden city.
    Seems an excellence approach to the problem. As most everyone working in government is pretty use to make-work shit details. It’s a perfect dovetail!
    It may not be all they dreamed of being. But a person has to know their limitations in life to be truly happy.

    • And being willing to admit that their limitations (pride, selfishness, ignorance, megalomania, etc.) are what they followed to get into positions that satisfied their social “limitations” but at the expense of honest and hardworking individuals that simply want to live free and independent. Knowing their limitations would also entail them admitting that they understand why they have become social pariahs and must now be willing to accept that what they are left with as options for sustaining their lives are actually gifts from those that they had previously oppressed who had the compassion to at least leave them with something.

      Yeah, more likely the ending will not be such people cleaning the streets, but that their bodies will be what is littering the streets. I dread that day because once the horrors of retribution get unleashed, there will be little, if any, restraint. Far better that we, of the conservative mind, continue to make passionate and cogent arguments with any and all who have even a scintilla of reason left in their brains to abandon the path to total tyranny and seek personal liberty and personal accountability.

      Oh yeah, and as Joe often has said, that they enjoy their trials. Because, personal accountability requires taking responsibility for all that you have done that offended or injured someone. I am probably just dreaming of that possibility becoming a fact. Sigh!

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