Vetting Gun Laws

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At this point we need a remedy the mirrors the old Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.  CA should not be allowed to pass ANY gun laws unless they are first vetted by a federal judge.

Don Kilmer (@donkilmer)
Tweeted on September 26, 2023

This sounds reasonable to me. And it might be more achievable than criminal prosecutions of the perpetrators.


3 thoughts on “Vetting Gun Laws

  1. To a certain point I can agree. It shouldn’t be necessary and could in many instants be used to deprive states rights.
    The problem today is communism. “This system is for a moral and religious people; it is wholly unsuited to any other.”
    The reason for all this is because communists are demoralized in their ideology to the point that they’re willing to become outlaws to bring about their cultist utopia.
    We shouldn’t be changing our system for them. We should be treating them as criminal outlaws they are. Actions for which we have ample evidence.
    We should be enjoying their trials. Not tying up federal courts over communist crap think.

  2. Sounds reasonable. But does anyone actually believe this would be allowed to happen? Really?! The left doesn’t obey any law or ruling as it is. Adding another layer of BS to the process isn’t going to change that. The left has only one rule. WIN! By whatever means necessary. And they listen to only one language. The universal language…violence. They simply will not stop until they are made to stop.

  3. Agree. I have long advocated this and for all serial abusers of the 2A, not just CA. We need better judges but that will be easier than getting a better DoJ.

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