I’m for the Second Amendment, BUT

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I’m for the Second  Amendment, but if it saves just one life to eliminate gun free zones, pass constitutional carry in all states, and ban all magazine limitation laws and ban laws that ban AR15s then it’s worth it.

Colion Noir @MrColionNoir
Tweeted on July 11, 2023

Nice twist!

I’m for the Second Amendment, but not everyone will get the joke here.


5 thoughts on “I’m for the Second Amendment, BUT

  1. Very good. I like Colion Noir.
    Usually when someone says “I’m for the Second Amendment but . . .”, Everything before the “but” is a lie, because the next words out of his mouth is a set of “exceptions” that “swallow”, i.e., destroy the rule.

    The same goes for the First Amendment, now that Leftists feel strong enough they don’t need to invoke freedom of speech and of the press to counteract Constitutional protections. E.g. “I’m for the First Amendment, but not for Hate Speech.” Of course any words out of anyone’s mouth is “Hate Speech” to someone.

    • I’m all for the Second Amendment, but I’m OK with with enforcing the rest of the Bill of Rights with the death penalty or permanent exile, too.

  2. All good!
    I’m for the second amendment, butt, of my rifle if you don’t shut up and leave me alone.

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