The Left are Not Against the Death Penalty

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It’s not that the Left are against the death penalty, it’s that they’re against the death penalty for crime.

Alice Smith (@TheAliceSmith)
Tweeted on Sat, Aug 13, 2022

Where “crime” is defined as the violation of property and/or individual rights.

This gave me flashbacks to Darkness at Noon, Bloodlands—Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, and especially The Gulag Archipelago.

Prepare appropriately.


5 thoughts on “The Left are Not Against the Death Penalty

  1. Yes, it’s a proven fact that the left has always been big on getting rid of anyone that disagrees with them.
    Communists are completely disingenuous about everything. No principal is above sacrifice for the cause. As long as it’s you being sacrificed.
    Even though what their trying to create can never exist. The only good part is that American communists are a bunch of pussies.
    They all want you dead. They just want someone else to do it.
    One could say their hypocrisy knows no bounds. But that would be saying they had one the sense of one to begin with.

  2. The Left is all for capital punishment for the “crimes” of holding opposing views (see: Leftist Twitter), or going armed in public for the purpose of self- or community-defense (see: the praise and defense of Kyle Rittenhouse’s attackers, or the meltdown when he was acquitted).

  3. Communists are always one mass murder from Utopia. Stalin and Mao killed tens of millions between famines purges and failed programs

  4. The left just wants the death penalty for things they don’t like and to them should be a crime punishable by immediate execution without trial. Things such as owning a gun, voting for Trump, being a registered republican, voting Republican, having any conservative viewpoints or values, opposing getting vaccinated for Covid, not being vaccinated for Covid, opposing the left in anyway shape or form, being a straight white male and not hating yourself for it, saying anything they don’t like, supporting capitalism. And the new one: being opposed to normalizing, legalizing and having sex with children. I’m pretty sure I missing a few other things.

  5. They are all in on the death penalty for the unborn – without any sort of legal process, I might add.

    They also are big on assisted suicides – unless of course the suicide is by firearm, in which case guns are bad and should be banned.

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