We Have the Evidence

They know the truth and are lying. We “knew” have known that for decades. But it is rare we direct evidence of that. Now, for this one person, we have the evidence:

Democratic St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones’ support of gun control is coming into question after an open records request released thousands of her personal texts, including one that argued gun crackdowns are ineffective.

“Chicago has strict gun laws as well but that doesn’t deter gun violence,” Jones texted in a group chat to her dad, Virvus Jones and advisor Richard Callow on March 21, KSDK reported.

They know strict gun laws do not “deter gun violence”. But they still advocate for strict gun laws. Therefore, you know the reason for the gun control advocacy is not a desire to reduce “gun violence”. There is some evil motivation at work.

Prepare appropriately.


3 thoughts on “We Have the Evidence

  1. They know it’s bullshit. But once you take that ticket, your on the ride. You do what your told. Your position on any given issue is exactly what you’ve been told it is.
    Serving evil means following orders.
    Just listen to MSM say the exact same words over multiple networks. The most ignorant and obvious of lies. And never bat an eyelash while doing it.
    Their following orders.
    The crazy thing is that in this supposed democracy. We have to keep fighting elected politicians for our rights.
    Were the problem. We know their evil, and we won’t stop them.

    • @mthead..
      Nailed it !

      “Just listen to MSM say the exact same words over multiple networks. ”

      Indeed, The “Messaging” is EXTREMELY consistent, word for word.

      DESTROY The United States as Founded.

  2. And all this is news……..how?

    Oh, and RE: “….. that in this supposed democracy.”

    The United States of America is not a democracy – it is a democratically-elected representative republic. They want it to be a democracy where two wolves and a sheep vote on what’s for dinner – that’s why they work so hard on managing and controlling the public’s opinion, they want government force controlled by majority opinion and the resultant vote – but, quite deliberately, that is not how our country was constructed. When you call it “a democracy” you are supporting the enemy’s goals, so stop that.

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