6 thoughts on “Dating a Scientist

  1. “You’ve alleged that you intended to try something new in the bedroom, but upon further review of your proposal, we find that the sexual vector described in your methods is orthogonal to sexual vectors already experienced, thus is not a unique sexual eignevector.

    … that doesn’t mean I’m not interested, as it appears that there is a perceptible increase in the magnitude scalar. Let me do some stretching first, which is not a suggestion of a transformational matrix, just limbering up the hamstrings.”

  2. A bit too close to home for many.
    As they say about the dating scene in Alaska, given the disparity between single men and women and the resultant behaviors, “you don’t lose your girl, you just lose your place in line.”

    • I thought the warning to women thinking of traveling to Alaska was that “The odds are good but the goods are odd.”

      Something I might say is equally valid about the women in the Sierra Club.

      • Yes, that’s another truism about both AK and very liberal groups like the Sierra Club.

        There was a book about prostitution during the gold rush, https://www.amazon.com/Good-Time-Girls-Alaska-Yukon-Gold-ebook/dp/B078Z2TNS6/

        A sequel could be written about dating in Alaska today called “The Good Time Girls, Too.”

        Any major imbalance in the sexes, absent very strict moral / legal codes that are enforced, leads to all sorts of socially and financially destructive behaviors.

  3. Like I use to tell my ex before leaving to a big job. Motherf–ker’s got to pay his share of the bills. We ain’t running no charity around here.
    She once replied that that would make her a prostitute.
    I told her if you don’t, it makes you a slut. Your choice.
    Turns out she played both.

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