Gun Control Emboldened Criminals

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Making it more difficult or even more expensive for me and people that look like me and other law-abiding citizens. will not make us safer. It will embolden criminals. Gun owners are not the enemy and these gun control policies are not the solution.

Lucretia Hughes
June 8, 2022
DC Project Delegate Lucretia Hughes Testifies Before House Committee

The first two sentences are true. At first glance the last sentence would appear to be true. But it depends on your premise.

If the premise is the problem is people with guns committing violent crime then yes, gun control is not the solution and ordinary gun owners are not the enemy.

But, as I’m am inclined to believe, these days most of the politicians advocating gun control are not motivated to make innocent people safer. They are part of the criminal class and ordinary gun owners are their enemies. This is why they lie so much. The truth would destroy their ambitions to rule over an enslaved population.


2 thoughts on “Gun Control Emboldened Criminals

  1. “…these days most of the politicians….. They are part of the criminal class….”


    One has to question the wisdom of deliberately associating with criminals; it is reasonable to expect that it will not turn out well.

    Since it is highly unlikely that the Israeli Gaza Solution can be applied to the District of Columbia’s Criminal Class, the only option is to avoid it. Since the D.C. government has repeatedly shown it is not the slightest bit favorable toward reasonable, law-abiding people, one has to question the intelligence of expecting a behavioral shift in its managment.

    “Move to America” may be the only solution if one wishes to enjoy the Constitutional rights of Americans. Unfortunately “America” as it is popularly regarded, is in rather short supply in those areas adjacent to the District of Columbia; metastasis seems to be the default setting.

  2. She doesn’t seem to realize half the people she’s talking to want her dead?
    We can’t bring ourselves to have a real conversation about what’s going on. Think the communist wing of the American government is bringing in millions of tribal members into this country for cheap landscaping?
    Just like in Israel right now. Anyone pointing at the Israeli government and asking where peoples guns were? Oh, locked up down the road at a “secure”, (What a bad f–king joke), facility? All on the outside marginal chance you might somehow miss use one?
    F–k that, and anyone talking about it.
    Unlike the government that had multi-billion dollar weapons at its disposal and never managed to get them out in time save anyone?
    You need to look government in the eye and tell them they are worthless. Worse than worthless. And we don’t ask your permission to defend ourselves. Any way we see fit.
    If you want to get legal, that’s on you. 2A, Heller, Bruen. If you don’t understand them. You’re the criminal.
    Oh! No gun laws? That will lead to blood in the streets!
    Ya, well look around you moron. It’s either theirs or mine. I call it theirs. At a minimum I’m going to make it both.
    The hour calls for stark, hard, brutally honest, and if necessary, BFYTW conversations.
    Because what comes next is blood. Their call not ours.

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