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I used to think gun owners loved their guns more than their own kids.

For some politicians it seems easier to push for gun control than focus on firearms education. However, any good parent knows this is not an effective long-term strategy. The DC Project believes we need to utilize educational, anti-bullying, and mental health programs, to reduce accidents and curb violence.

DC Project, Women for Gun Rights
June 7, 2022
Protect Like A Mother

If you are convinced of the absurd, such as gun owners love their guns more than their own kids, Then it is time to reconnect with reality. You probably arrived at your conclusion through faulty data and/or logic.


10 thoughts on “Protect

  1. I suspect it was more a case of being told the same lie over and over again, along with “supporting” lies about “those people.” Immersion in “rightthink,” as it were, rather than any conscious decision to sit down, think, and research.

    In many ways, that’s actually worse, I think, than coming to the wrong conclusions through one’s own faulty logic / research.

    • She probably was. Now she has awakened from her Woke delusion.
      Eddie Eagle and School Resource Officers with those nasty things on their hips keep more children safe than all the laser-printed “This is a gun-free zone ever could.

      I have a meme of a crib with a small toddler standing in and a woman in front of it holding an AK-47- style rifle.

      • Oleg Volk probably has something on point or will be willing to make that photograph.

        • Oleg has dozens, if not hundreds, of images that make this point in many good and creative ways. Some of the best involve people who need the equalizer — handicapped, elderly, injured, or pregnant. Some specifically make the point of slaves vs. free people. And quite a number show women as protectors, either alone or side by side with their man.

  2. I love my kids and my life more than my unearned privilege to be lazily and passively uninvolved in our physical security.

    It is the very height of childish arrogant entitlement to assume that in any moment of danger, someone else will always miraculously appear and just take care of it for you.

  3. The typical leftist supporting gun grabbing is not capable of connecting with reality.

    The average IQ of Palestinians is somewhere around 84. The average IQ for leftist voters is not much higher than that…if any. Expecting them to arrive at a conclusion based on logic or data is ludicrous. They don’t. They EMOTE their way through life, comfortably beyond the need for reason, logic or fact.

  4. Couldn’t bring myself to watch. But if they truly wanted to impress. Try wareing a T-shirt that says; I’m a mom, I’ll shoot you in your little commie face!
    That might help get the point across. Maybe.

    • If anything would work,
      “I’m a Mom. If you harm my child I’ll shoot you in your rotten commie face” just might, where more refined arguments will pass over Leftists’ heads and not even be noticed, let alone muss their hair.

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