3 thoughts on “The 2nd Amendment Only Applies to Muskets

  1. You could also put your privately owned cannon on your privately owned warship.

    • The US never ratified the treaty forbidding issuance of Letters of Marque and Reprisal.

      Seeing as that is explicitly a power the People gave Congress, I can see why they figured they did not have the authority to overturn a Constitutional provision that the People had approved via a Treaty, any more than the government has the authority to expand its powers or eliminate a limitation via a Treaty.

      You’d have problems bringing your armed private warship into foreign waters, much less a harbor, but if you had a well-deck at the back to hold a sea-going auxiliary craft that could make the trip from beyond the 12-mile territorial waters limit, you could handle the resupply issue. If you’re just passing through, you can make “innocent passage” as close as 3 miles. Maybe the State Department could collect a little extra moolah in exchange for working out diplomatic clearance for your warship to do a port call.

      If I won a big lottery pay out, or my investment into mining a asteroid made of gold and platinum works out, I think I’d like my private yacht to be a 1:2.5 scale replica of what a Montana-class BB would have been, with four triple 155mm/50 in the main battery, six dual 2″/54, and several 7.62mm CIWS turrets with Stingers in box launchers. Who wouldn’t want a 370ft long by 48ft wide scale model for a yacht? Besides, if they’re too busy being concerned about the guns, the Small Modular Nuclear reactor powering the thing would probably be a minor secondary concern.

  2. The invention of the Minie ball created a similar imbalance between infantry and artiliary. Napoleon would run his artiliary up close to the enemy and blast holes in the lines that his infantry columns could push through. Minie balls which allowed rapid reloading of rifled arms with their longer range made this suicidal leading to the carnage of CW1 and the Crimean War. Breechloaders made it worse for the artiliary. Then the artillerists countered with indirect fire.

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