6 thoughts on “Would Just 14 People Been Acceptable?

  1. I will admit a total lack of knowledge about proper orgy procedures and orgy etiquette, and even less about minimum and maximum number of participants, but I’d guess that having an even, rather than odd, number might be an important factor.

    Then again, I suppose there might be some need for supervisory personnel, or perhaps, “combat loss replenishments,” so to speak.

    Seems like an opportunity for a government funded grant program to study the problem, except government already seems quite well skilled in screwing people.

  2. “I can’t believe this is on”??

    The TV network put it on the air??

    I mean, sure, that’s ONE way to improve ratings, I guess…

  3. In ‘A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum” Mile Gloriosus (who raped Thrace thrice) orders “Arrange food, drink, entertainment, and a sit-down orgy for fourteen.” which seems to establish a canonical size of 14, plus one would reasonably expect an even number of participants.

    • For a heterosexual group, I would have thought a close male/ female balance would be preferred rather than even numbers.

      But I will concede to your expertise on the topic.

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