4 thoughts on “Markley’s Law Flipped

  1. Let’s compare the go-to bumper sticker arguments of both sides.

    Their side: gun owners have small penises.

    Translation: gun owners are inferior lovers, and thus uncool. That justifies persecuting them .

    Our side: molon labe, Greek for “come take them.”

    Translation: you are a coward, wanting others to persecute us but being too afraid to do so yourself.

    Which is the more devastating and more believable insult?

    This is why they have been losing ground since the late Nineties.

    • “You have a small dick!”

      “Gosh, it doesn’t take long for you to express what identities you are interested in harassing and oppressing, and furthermore to assume my identity because, just a wild guess here, you want to oppress me and you’re working backwards into your bigotries to justify yourself.”

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