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I have pinned this post to the top of my blog. It is to remind people of what many of our opponents want. Alison Aires wants a tyrannical government. They want summary execution for private possession of firearms.

This is why we have a Bill of Rights. This is why I created Boomershoot.

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Quote of the day—’Tis Time my fellow workers,for The General Strike @realsuejeffers

the “lawlessness” in this neighborhood of seattle is lower statistically than the remainder of the city. shut down capitalism. it is clearly a magnet for violence and death

‘Tis Time my fellow workers,for The General Strike @realsuejeffers
Tweeted on June 29, 2020
[Enjoy your free taste of socialism.

The bigger the lie…—Joe]

Quote of the day—Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

I like it when Congress wears masks. Most of them should be ashamed to show their faces, and if you plan to rob the public, it helps to dress for the part.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Tweeted on May 16, 2020
[I’m reminded of some other quotes:

There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.

-Mark Twain-

The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time
Congress meets.

-Will Rogers-

The little boy who goes to the store for his mother and forgets what she sent
him for must grow up to be a Congressman.


The new Congressmen say they’re going to turn the government around.  I
hope I don’t get run over again.


And finally:

The Bill of Rights went too far. They should have stopped with “Congress
shall make no law.”


I wouldn’t be so hard on Congress if they would just stay within the bounds of the U.S. Constitution. That they don’t means they are criminals and should be treated as such.

I view the failure to not have consequences for politicians overstepping their authority the single greatest fault of our constitution. I would like to see something like every time one of the laws they voted for was declared unconstitutional meant another five years was added to their prison sentence and a $1000/day fine for every day the law was in effect. It wouldn’t be a perfect solution but it would be better than what we fail to have now.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Cole Smead

The unrest that has taken place in the city of Seattle … there is really is not a downtown business community today.

We’re hearing rumors of 40-story buildings that will be only 20-percent occupied by October … My biggest concern for Seattle was what the business community is going to come back to, and what kind of businesses are going to come back for customers.

We are playing the long game for our company, colleagues, clients and shareholders with this transition to our new location. As we plan for the next chapter of our organization, we believe that we gain tangible and intangible benefits through Greater Phoenix and its surrounding communities.

Cole Smead
President and CEO of Smead Capital Management
June 22, 2020
Seattle’s CHOP Just Cost The City A Billion Dollar Company
[That’s what a taste of socialism will do.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Kshama Sawant @cmkshama

While we await details of this tragic killing, it highlights capitalism’s brutality & endemic violence. Our movement rejects insinuations & falsehoods perpetuated by corporate & conservative media that this violence is outcome of CHOP or of our movement.

Kshama Sawant @cmkshama
Admitted socialist
Seattle City Councilwoman (under investigation)
Tweeted on June 29, 2020
[Enjoy your free taste of socialism.

The bigger the lie…—Joe]


The Capital Hill area of Seattle which was occupied by protesters since early June has been retaken:

Seattle police, under orders from Mayor Jenny Durkan, cleared demonstrators out of the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Zone (CHOP) on Wednesday, after a series of shootings marred the ongoing protest movement.

City officers on bikes and in riot gear — with help from FBI agents and police from nearby Bellevue — began dispersing the crowd at about 5 a.m., authorities said.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best reiterated her support for the Black Lives Matter movement, which drove the protests, but said of the weekslong occupation of public streets: “Enough is enough.”

“I support peaceful demonstrations. Black lives matter and I too want to help propel this movement forward toward meaningful exchange in our community and meaningful change in our community,” Best told reporters. “But enough is enough. Our job is to protect and to serve the community.”

None of the reports I have been able to find have been negative. They have been surprisingly, to me, factual. Here is another example:

Police in Seattle have cleared out the city’s ‘autonomous zone’ and arrested over 30 protesters following an executive order from Mayor Jenny Durkan. ABC News reports that the “occupied” zone, which has been dubbed the Capitol Hill Organized Protest area, was cleared by police on Wednesday. The order from Durkan came after four shootings, two of which were fatal, occured in the area within the last month.

“Due to ongoing violence and public safety issues in the East Precinct/Cal Anderson Park area, Mayor Jenny Durkan has issued an executive order to vacate the area,” the Seattle Police Department wrote on Twitter. “Seattle police will be in the area this morning enforcing the Mayor’s order.”

And from Capital Hill Seattle:

UPDATE 9:30 AM: SPD now reports 31 arrests for “failure to disperse, obstruction, assault, and unlawful weapon possession.”

There were no significant injuries reported. Around 6:30 AM, SPD said that a woman was reported going into labor on the east side of Cal Anderson Park.

UPDATE 11:21 AM: More arrests and a large police presence was reported at Broadway and Pine after a clash between officers and protesters. Nearby Seattle Central announced its campus was locked down during the ongoing police activity.

Police said officers “enforcing today’s order” were wearing “a higher-level of protective gear.”

“Police are utilizing this equipment because individuals associated w/the CHOP are known to be armed and dangerous/may be associated with shootings, homicides, robberies, assaults & other violent crimes,” the update read.

SPD was also investigating reports of vehicles circling the area with officers reporting individuals “with firearms/armor” inside. The vehicles also did not have visible license plates, SPD reported.

The vandalism and mess are horrendous (from here):

From Joseph Suttner @josephsuttner:


I still think my original suggestion that letting them take over for a while was the correct decision. They didn’t disperse on their own like I thought they would. But digging in and getting into a violent confrontation on day one or even day five probably would leave us in a worse situation that what we have now.

The children demonstrated to the entire world and themselves they can’t get along without adult supervision. That lesson would not have been learned had the police gone in and immediately “kicked ass”. To the best of my knowledge there were no serious injuries during the retaking of the area. The videos I watched showed people passively resisting arrest but there weren’t any outbreaks of violence. Had the police gone in when emotions were high private citizens and police probably would have been injured and I can easily imagine there being tremendous property damage.

As I read somewhere a few days ago, paraphrasing, “This is your free sample of socialism.”

Quote of the day—MTHead

Ask yourself this. If some person was standing in front of you calling you a racist. Would you believe them? Now, between you and the person saying something like that. Who is better trained at arms? You going to let that person hurt you or your family? Especially with no police to restrain you? Americans are only going to play this game so long. Their not buying all those guns and ammo to make a profit on a shortage. They understand full well. I don’t think the AOC’s of the world do.

The only nightmares I have lately is of my gun jamming.

June 29, 2020
Comment to Quote of the day—J. KB
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


I have long noted that progressives/socialist/communists are inherently violent (further elaboration here). The current riots and looting are just further validation of that observation. I really believe it is part of their nature.

This trait causes them to sometimes overreach. If their numbers are too small and/or they have insufficient influence over the existing government they can end up being arrested and/or removed from power and influence.

We get the details via Jake Whittenberg @jwhittenbergK5.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is so far to the left on the political scale that she said CHAZ/CHOP was more like a block party and “We could have the Summer of Love” than a illegal take over. Yet it appears the Seattle admitted Socialist Councilwoman Kshama Sawant has overreached the limits of Mayor Durkin. She has asked the city council president to investigate, punish, and possibly remove Sawant from the city council:



As Constitutionalist Selah 111 @111Selah said:

They are eating each other. Face with tears of joy

Nice of them demonstrate their faults for everyone to see.

Dave Workman also has things to say about the situation.

Quote of the day—James Lindsay

The list of terms that the DIE (“Diversity,” “Inclusion,” and “Equity”) industry has manipulated into a specialist meaning that is quite different than the meanings it knows people will assume of them is now quite substantial and familiar: “racism” means “systemic racism,” which doesn’t even require a single racist person or intention, “anti-racism” is some kind of cultish commitment to a lifelong process of activism outlined by these very consultants, “hate speech” is that which disagrees with the consultants’ views of how to “help” people it has defined into perpetual “marginalization” and “oppression,” and “privilege” is whatever quasi-spiritual force that makes a white homeless drug addict whose mental illness is driving him to the brink of suicide richer than Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Barack Obama all put together. And even here, in the specialist jargon, is a kind of cruel and abusive manipulation: What are you, stupid? Don’t you even know the definition of “racism”?!

James Lindsay
June 28, 2020
The Diversity Delusion
[Via daughter Jaime.

The infestation of the corporate world by those who would dictate the very thoughts we are allowed to have is increasing. We have passed through the gate into Animal Farm where some animals are more equal than other animals and just around the corner is The Gulag Archipelago.

Respond appropriately.—Joe]


There are times when it’s difficult to believe this is not some sort of slow motion dystopian nightmare:

Hundreds of protesters camped outside City Hall are demanding that lawmakers slash the New York City police budget by $1billion.

The ‘Occupy City Hall’ encampment began forming Tuesday following weeks of street protests sparked by the death of George Floyd and other black Americans killed by law enforcement.

The protesters are part of a national ‘defund the police’ movement seeking more spending on other needs like housing and education and say they won’t move until they see a budget cut.

It comes as violent crime in New York City skyrockets, with June now on track for the highest number of murders in a month since 1996.


These cities are rapidly becoming uninhabitable. It’s a mass insanity which I can only see ending by either the adults taking charge or a culling of the herd as they, in essence, volunteer en masse for Darwin awards by destroying their own habitat.

It’s all so surreal.

There is an insight to take from this. Places outside of ground zero of this insanity will likely soon need protection from the mobs. There’s going to be a lot of experienced cops looking for jobs. And I’ll bet they are going to be friendly to gun owners willing to back them up.

Quote of the day—J. KB

The parallels line up.

Moderate and conservative, well-intentioned white people are the new Jews.

We Jews have leveled up to super-hated status.

And in the halls of academia and Leftist media/activism, it’s 1934.

We know what comes next and it is going to suck.

June 29, 2020
We’re all Jews now and it’s 1934
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

The Last Centurion

On the recommendation of RandyGC I read (listened to via Audible) The Last Centurion.

RandyGC said:

Spooky on similarities to current events.

Uhhh.. Yeah!

The book was written in 2008. In the book a virus jumps from birds in China to humans and engulfs the world in a pandemic. The story takes place in 2019 and extends into 2020. There’s even a parallel to CHAZ.

The story has a woman president who sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton, so he had a miss on that point. But, hey, over eight years later the pollsters the day before the election missed on that one too so I give him a big break on it.

There is a fair amount of farm stuff in the story. It takes place in Minnesota instead of Idaho but it’s spot on as near as this Idaho farm boy can tell.

There is a lot of military action in the book. I can’t speak authoritatively to the military aspects but it seemed authentic as I would expect of the author. John Ringo is a veteran of the 82nd Airborne so my bet is that is spot on as well.

It is a great book. Ignore the one star reviews from the libs on Amazon. Or maybe, take those as ringing endorsements.

Lopez Island

On June 5th Barb and I took the day off work and went for a drive to Lopez Island. Lopez is the third largest of the San Juan Island archipelago. A map is here.

We had been there together before (and here) in 2015 and camped. This time it was just for the day. Going earlier in the year resulted in the temperature being a little cooler. With a little bit of wind it was occasionally on the cool side of comfortable but with a flannel shirt or sweatshirt it was still nice.

We saw many of the same things and hiked many of the same trails. It was our first real excursion together since the COVID-19 outbreak. The lack of traffic, both on the highways and the ferries, reflected the current situation. It seemed that we almost had the island to ourselves. It was a wonderful vacation from the lockdown.

The trails were wonderful. The views were wonderful. And the companionship was awesome.


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Not a contradiction

Via Far Right Of Right@FarRightOfRight:


If you think this is a contradiction you probably made the mistake of thinking they were telling the truth when they said you don’t need guns because you have the police. As we have known for decades they have a culture of lies and deception.

With that established fact in mind we can generate hypothesizes and test them against the facts. If we include the newly established fact that they want to defund and abolish the police as we know it what can it mean?

The hypothesis which seems to best fit the data is our political opponents wish to harm us and/or take our property.

I’ve been collecting examples of “They want you dead” for some time now. The recent looting demonstrates the validity of the “they wish to take our property”. That they wanted us disarmed and dependent upon the police followed by defunding the police demonstrates not a contradiction, but consistency with this hypothesis.

Are there other hypothesizes which match the data? Are there other data points which invalidate my hypothesis?

Discuss. Then take appropriate action. Consider preparing for Boomershoot 2021. Sign up is here.

Not living in fear

Via Tamera@tacsgc:


There is more than a little truth in this.

In contrast to the above read:Grace Canceled: How Outrage is Destroying Lives, Ending Debate, and Endangering Democracy by Dana Loesch:

If you have watched any of her NRA videos you might wonder, “What contrast?”.

She claims she has been working on taming her inner beast (not her words).

I really liked the subtitle of the book and while I thought her previous books I had read were a little bit simplistic I found them spot on with the facts and having some good points to take away. I should have had a clue with “Grace” in the title that there was a going to be a lot of religion in the book. As an atheist I found the religious basis for her thesis a little annoying. But I found I could agree with most of her conclusions without agreeing with the path she arrived at them.

Extrapolating a bit beyond her stated conclusions I arrived at the take away, “Getting angry and matching the enemies of freedom with tit-for-tat isn’t the best approach.” It’s not good for our psychological wellbeing and it’s not good for our cause. We have the law and the police on our side. It may seem to be a longer path but with all things considered it may not be. Don’t let them make you angry. Any action you take should be with a cool head. Your actions will be judged by others with cool heads.

We are in the middle of a civil war. It’s not really a war for control of territory or resources. It’s a war for the hearts and minds of the people in this country. The pointless destruction and physically assaults on people do not win hearts and minds. The prosecution of the terrorists will win hearts and minds. Encourage and enable those prosecutions.

Quote of the day—Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger

Heinlein’s Crazy Years got nuthin’ on us. His pastors ate clay sandwiches. We’ve got the crazocracy. His fictional society recovered and achieved space flight. We won’t have the education, technology, or resources to redevelop the automobile because they’re all “racist.”

Our future will look a lot more like Anthem than RAH’s “future history.”

Carl “Bear” Bussjaeger
June 24, 2020
[Both Heinlein and Rand references in one great quote. Few will fully understand and they will puzzle at it’s meaning until they spend many hours reading the books. Sorry about that.

I post this anyway, knowing that only 25%, at best, will fully appreciate it with additional effort. But the enthusiasm of those the get it on the first pass will be awesome.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Elizabeth Rogliani

Why do I even worry about some silly little statues coming down or some silly little street names changing? Why do I care?

It is because the last time I didn’t care about this, I was a teenager. I have already lived through this thing when I was living in Venezuela. Statues came down — Chavez didn’t want that history displayed. And then he changed the street names. Then came the [school curricula]. Then some movies couldn’t be shown, then certain TV channels, and so on and so forth.

You guys think this can’t happen to you, I’ve heard it so many times. But always be on guard. Never believe something can’t happen to you. You’ve got to defend your country and your society or it will be destroyed.

We didn’t believe it could happen to us. Most Venezuelans — Cubans warned us — and we were like, ‘This is Venezuela, we know about freedom. That’s not going to happen here.’ Yet it happened. And there are literally a lot of people wanting to destroy the U.S.

Elizabeth Rogliani
June 22, 2020

‘Statues coming down’ is a big deal, Venezuelan actress warns
[The high these thugs get from destroying statues and buildings will fade and they will only be able to obtain that same high by escalation. If they are not stopped soon mass murder will be soon be required to sate their desires.

If you think things are happening fast now, don’t ever forget that in Rwandan things went from moderate tension to mass murder in 30 minutes*. The murders occurred at an average rate of about 8,000 per day for about 100 days. This sustained rate exceeded that of Nazi Germany with their gas chambers.

Hutu militiamen boasted they could kill 3,000 people an hour.**

We live in extremely “interesting” times. Prepare yourself.—Joe]

* Rwanda’s Genocide 1994—Supplement to Lethal Laws by Jay Simkin, Aaron Zelman, and Alan M. Rice page 10:

The UN reports that, “less than half an hour after the plane crash occurred, roadblocks manned by Hutu militiamen, often assisted by gendarmerie or military personnel, were set up at which the identiy cards of passers-by were checked and Tutsis were taken aside and killed137.

137. UN Documents, pp. 37-38.

** Ibid, page 1.

Ultimate virtue signaling

Tam discusses the psychology of virtue signaling and how it is used to accumulate social capital in your tribe. She then makes what must be the largest possible deposit in her social capital bank account with this:

How about we give nuclear weapons to the unborn?

Nicely done. That was incredible!