So that is why!

I’m pretty sure Janelle and Barron told me at least the gist of what they were going to do. But my mind is running close to overload during Boomershoot and since their plans didn’t have much to do with running the event they got filtered.

I had been I wondering why in this picture Janelle was facing away from the fireball:


After finding this picture on Facebook I was able to reassemble the memory fragments:


Well done!

This is true

I’m unable to determine if this is a true story about someone else or some sort of joke webpage. But as applied to me the conclusions presented are absolutely true:

Presidential bid by Joe Huffman unlikely

Lack of name ID, fundraising hurdles are practically insurmountable for Huffman

The 2016 campaign for President is heating up, but Joe Huffman is likely to spend this race on the sidelines.

Based on the field of would-be Presidential candidates, it appears Huffman is already too far behind to mount a credible campaign, and for that reason would be unlikely to jump into the fray.

“Joe Huffman simply doesn’t have the name identification of Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush or any of the other top-tier candidates. And can Huffman raise a billion dollars of campaign cash in the next 18-months? Frankly, I’m skeptical. I say this all with due respect for Huffman and their family.”

Joe Huffman’s net worth would need to be competitive with that of Clinton or Bush, or they would need to have many wealthy, generous supporters to finance a credible presidential campaign.

Opposition researchers investigate all candidates’ backgrounds, hoping to find negative potential issues like an arrest, divorce, bankruptcy, affairs, girlfriend / boyfriend, mug shot, etc. If there were such issues for any potential candidate, that would be a challenge to overcome. For example, George W. Bush overcame the disclosure of an arrest for driving while intoxicated (DUI or DWI) in 2000 and was elected President.

While some may discount the possibility of Huffman jumping into the 2016 Presidential race, there remains a path Huffman could follow should they decide to run.

I’m sure there are many people who will be quite relieved. Why? We have to keep our priorities straight. I wouldn’t have time for Boomershoot next year if I were seriously campaigning.

Boomershoot image caption contest

Come up with the best caption for this image from Boomershoot 2015 in the comments and I’ll give you a free Boomershoot 2015 shirt, mug, or thong. Family and Boomershoot staff are welcome to participate but won’t be getting a free anything out of it.

My decision is autocratic, final, and may appear to be at random.


My thoughts are as follows:

  • Impressive stick throwing from 375 yards away.
  • You’ve proven yourself with the hastily constructed spears.Now try using lead projectiles to get detonations.
  • The BC of wood projectiles is too low to retain enough velocity for reliable detonation.
  • I know reloading components have been tough to come by recently but this substitute doesn’t have much future.

Images from Boomershoot 2015

This is my impression of Boomershoot 2015 in images and a few words.

WP_20150503_08_05_45_Pro__highresCreating a target rich environment.

The hillside as seen through a 6X scope.

Part of the tree line target area as seen through a 6X scope.

Nearly all of the target areas as seen from a 1.5X scope.

The fireball crew and their work of art. Barron doesn’t actually walk around with a road flare stuck in his ear. See more details here.

On the left Janelle is pregnant. On the right her husband Barron just initiated the fireball.
People inspecting the crater left by the fireball.

Adjusting the artillery for a long distance shot.

It wasn’t really indirect fire.


Taking a break.

This guy did his prep before he started shooting.

Barb and I patrol the shooting line (photo by Kim).

The two obvious hits are probably outside the active zone anyway. But the target is mostly empty from the rip in the lower right corner.

You’ve got the windage down. Let’s work on elevation.

It’s still a target rich environment at lunch time.


Boomershoot 2016 will be April 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. You know you want to. Start making your plans now.

Road flares and gasoline

The Boomershoot 2015 fireball was very well done and impressive. Here are some of the details of the construction.

There were 15 seven-inch square targets, each containing 800 grams (about 1.8 pounds) of Boomerite arranged as shown below around a 50 pound bag of powdered sugar:


The target in the lower right with the two red dots was facing the audience and shooter. This is the initiating target which propagated the detonation to the rest of the targets.

In the picture below you see 19 gallons of the gasoline/diesel mixture in place on top of the explosives.


The job of the explosives is to lift the gasoline and mix it in the air. Usually we have a ratio of explosives to gasoline of about 1 pounds to 2 gallons up to 1 pound to 1 gallon. This time it is about 1.4 to 1.


In the picture above we have the people that designed and constructed the fireball (left to right: Mike, Matthew, Barron, and Ry) along with the road flares attached with rubber bands to rebar and wooden sticks. One or more of these flares ignited the fuel air mixture.

In Phil’s slow motion video below you will see the ignition start on the side opposite the shooter and propagate to the remainder of the fuel-air mixture.

In this frame capture from Ry’s video you can see the dust propelled into the air some distance from the explosion. I suspect this is from the shock wave traveling through the ground.


In the still picture of mine below you can see pieces of shredded milk jugs which have been propelled beyond the expanding “ball” of fuel and that most of the fuel has been ignited. The flares mounted on the rebar and sticks are entirely engulfed in the fireball.


The following pictures is one of the most interesting fireball photos I have ever seen. Usually it is mushroom shaped or even flattens out more than the picture above. But this ball of fire barely touches the ground and is a decent approximation of a sphere. I’m not sure what the white streamers coming out of the fire are. Perhaps pieces of burning milk jug or lumps of powdered sugar.


Here, a fraction of a second later, we have the ball of fire suspended in air on what is a probably a column of water vapor from the explosives:


Here, another fraction of a second later, we have the fuel still burning high up in the air and forming a smoke ring:IMG_2701CroppedAdjusted

Watch Ry’s video and see the fire roll around in the sky. It’s amazing:

In the picture below, less than a minute after the explosion, we have Barron standing in the middle of the crater he created. But notice there is no fire on the ground. In years past there were patches of burning fuel on the ground. There was none this year. It all went up into the air.


Another thing, as pointed out by Ry this year and last (edited to add: Ry says the first time was 2011 or earlier), is that nearly all of the flares have been extinguished. Ry is the first person I know who has successfully extinguished road flares with gasoline.

Don’t try this at home. Come to Boomershoot 2016 instead.

Quote of the day—Barb L.

Your pants were dirtier than any of my kids clothes ever were.

Barb L.
May 4, 2015
[Boomershoot is dirty. If it rains then it is muddy. If it is dry then it is dusty. This year it was dusty.

She put my jeans through the washer twice.

She described her shower Saturday evening as “epic” with a river of muddy water flowing down the drain.

Here is her rental car the morning after Boomershoot:


But some people think the joy things like this brings makes it all worthwhile:


Barron (standing in the crater from the fireball crater he created) seemed to think so:


But that is just part of the reason of Why Boomershoot.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Kim Huffman-Scott

They are getting too fast and I couldn’t count.

Kim Huffman-Scott
Boomershoot Target Production Manager
May 2, 2015
[I put Kim in charge of target production this year. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It dramatically reduced my work load and stress level. But most of all she did an awesome job.

The production line is usually running for about 13 or 14 hours to produce the targets for Boomershoot. This time it was less than eight hours. Part of this was the enthusiastic “army of people” (as Barb describes it) there to help. But Kim figured out how to put them all to work and they listened to her.

Kim quickly identified bottlenecks and fixed them. This is a dynamic problem because it depends on which size targets are being produced and who is doing which job at the time. She  also would anticipate when to change the line to a new target type. This is tough because the production line may have 10 to 20 targets in various stages of completion but you only have a good count of the number of actually completed crates. The following video gives you a clue of what it was like. It doesn’t show the people outside folding the boxes.

As the production crew cranked up the production rate it became more and more difficult to get a snapshot of completed crates and targets in production. This resulted in today’s QOTD. She told me this a few minutes after I took the video above.—Joe]

Boomershoot 2015 status

The first day of Boomershoot 2015 is over.

From the participants viewpoint things are going quite well. The weather is good with moderately warm temperatures, no precipitation, and no to light winds. The Boomers seem to be detonating well if there are solid hits.

From the staff viewpoint things things are pretty good. The biggest hiccup was when the first thing this morning Barb’s rented car locked the doors automatically with the keys inside along with the cash box, wristbands, and the check-in list for the Precision Rifle clinic. This was 15 minutes before people were scheduled to check in. Barb was quite upset and I was almost unable to convince her it was going to be okay. She called the rental agency who had roadside assistance out in a little over an hour and unlocked her car. I set her up with my laptop and the electronic version of the check-in list. No wrist bands and the laptop was a little more awkward than crossing people off the list with a pen, but she got through it just fine.

Another minor issue was the private fireball didn’t work the first or second time. There was a combination of problems. Some of it was improper construction and some shooter problems as well. The third attempt at a fireball was acceptable:

There were some injuries. I twisted my ankle, Barb scraped her back a little bit, and we saw some moderately bad sunburns.

For me it is difficult to see anything but the flaws but I had several people tell me how much fun they were having and how great an event it is, and what I overhear and see on their faces confirm this. This is what makes Boomershoot worthwhile to me.

Quote of the day—Brad R. Torgersen

Sarah Hoyt — born in Portugal, naturalized to the U.S. — has seen this kind of thing before. It’s the old Stalinist-Marxist mentality which Sarah got to see up close and personal. It’s the mentality my former boss (who was a refugee from Soviet-era Poland) knew all too well, too. Frankly, any time I talk about the 21st century American fascination with political correctness, refugees from the Marxist countries recognize it instantly: the collective effort to control and dictate what is and is not permissible to say, or to think, or to feel, including who you can and cannot associate with; lest you be hauled before the commissars to be tried for guilt-by-association.

Fear is their weapon.

Brad R. Torgersen
April 12, 2015
Flaming rage nozzles of tolerance
[Solzhenitsyn has written about this too.

This mindset must not be allowed to dominate politics. The body count racked up by this mindset during the 20th century was in the hundreds of millions. We must prevent a repeat performance in the 21st century.

This is why I do Boomershoot.—Joe]

Boomershoot prep

I arrived on site about 2130 on Sunday night. I unloaded the stuff out of my vehicle into Boomershoot Mecca and reloaded it with my tent, sleeping bags, blankets, pads, pillows, and other stuff. I set up the tent using the headlights to see and I was finally in bed by 2340. The next morning I assembled some shelves and tidied up a bit until it was time to start work. I considered working from “home” at Mecca but reconsidered when my fingers went numb. It was 34F in there so I went to brother Doug’s house and spent the morning working from there.

WP_20150427_06_11_42_Pro 2

The afternoon and evening at Mecca was nice. I rearranged a few things for a better work flow (the computers are for work and personal use):


I then made the test targets for the experiment I completed last night.


Yesterday morning while it was still to cold to work I went for a walk and take rubber bands and empty milk jugs to the Taj. I discovered a squatter in the explosives magazine:


It was ejected from the premises and the carpet cleaned up as best I could with a hand broom:


I left some treats in case they or some relatives decided to visit again:


I then proceeded on to the tree line where most of the Boomershoot targets are placed and put up some steel targets:


We will paint them before the event.

Today I discovered one of the scales we use for measuring the chemicals for Boomerite was having problems. Putting in new batteries and banging it around didn’t help any. I probably paid $20 for it something like five years ago and it has had problems before. I set it aside and ordered a $300 scale just like the other scale I have from Amazon for next day delivery.

Today I’ll tidy up the work benches in Mecca more and move the ATV and trailer here. I might also turn some of the clumpy (basically fist sized rocks) Potassium Chlorate into powder too. I have a new shipment coming in on Friday but if I can use the old stuff that would be better. The stuff I used for my experiment this week was made from the old stuff so I know it is chemically active if I just reduce it in size appropriately.

Boomershoot is looking good for this year. Even the weather is looking great. No chance of rain and highs in the upper 60s. There will be some winds to make things a little bit challenging but probably nothing that will be insurmountable. The winds start out low and build to a peak about 4:00 PM every day. Plan accordingly.

This is a clue

Last night I mixed up some Boomerite for more tests. I wanted to answer the question as to why it goes dead after some time has passed. I did some tests in January without getting a conclusive clue. Tonight I performed the experiment I suggested in the previous post. I put some of the targets in a cooler and kept them at ice temperature and I kept other targets warm. The targets in January were kept at about 70F for 26 hours. This time the hot targets spent the night wrapped up in two coats on top of a hot water bottle then put out in the sun for the day. I didn’t measure the actual temperature because I just wanted to see if the temperature made a difference.

Another thing I did was that for some of the targets I used plastic baggies for the Boomerite of instead of the shrink wrap on the outside of the boxes. Unfortunately the targets in cold storage got completely soaked when the ice bag leaked. Only the cold stored targets that used zip lock baggies could be tested.

The total storage time from mixing until testing was about 23 hours.

In the results below the number represent the range in yards using my .22 with Stinger ammo that the given result occurred. The estimated velocities for the various ranges at the altitude and temperature I was experiencing are

  • 11 yards => 1455 fps
  • 15 yards => 1429 fps
  • 20 yards => 1397 fps
  • 23 yards => 1378 fps
  • 25 yards => 1366 fps
  • 30 yards => 1335 fps
Stored Sealed In Result
Hot Shrink wrap 23 pop
Hot Shrink wrap 13 dud, 11 pop
Hot Shrink wrap 11 dud
Hot Baggie 23 dud, 12 boom
Hot Baggie 20 pop
Hot Baggie 11 boom
Cold Baggie 23 boom
Cold Baggie 25 boom
Cold Baggie 30 boom

It is very clear the cold storage preserves the Boom. There are also some strong hints the baggie storage may preserve the Boom better than the shrink wrap storage.

One conclusion that could be reached is that I need to make the Taj Mahal into a walk-in refrigerator. As brother Doug said, “That’s inconvenient.” Another is that there is a chemical reaction going on that is accelerated by temperature and that perhaps I should change the recipe such that no such reaction takes place.

As always, more tests are needed.

Quote of the day—Roberta X

Don’t kid yourself that you’re in the clear because of your ancestors; it wasn’t just Jews, and the others weren’t all gay or gypsies, either: the politically unpopular got one-way trips, too.  Once a nation starts down that path, each step into evil is easier than the one before.

You don’t have to like politics, but you’ve gotta keep an eye on it.  No matter who you are.

Roberta X
April 15, 2015
Holocaust Remembrance Day
[The German people of the late 1930’s and early 1940’s are best known for their evil behavior but the Russians while Stalin was in power easily eclipsed the German body count. The Chinese killed millions at various times during the 20th Century. The Rwanda genocide wasn’t on the same scale in absolute numbers but may have account for as much as 20% of the population. The examples are incredibly and depressingly numerous.

There is one thing governments, of any type of people, do very well and that is killing people. We have lots of government in this country and it going to require lots of attention until we can get it back down to the originally designed limits. The stakes are incredibly high if it goes totally malignant.

This is Why Boomershoot. It’s next weekend. Be there if you can. You can be part of the solution if things go really bad.—Joe]

Your estimated wait time

My sales tax quarterly filing for Boomershoot stuff is due today. The Idaho State Tax Commission has a new website for E-filing and paying taxes and when I tried to file on Saturday (yes, I procrastinate, it’s where daughter Xenia gets it from, see also here) it wouldn’t let me file. Barb tried calling and got a message saying their hours were Monday through Friday. I tried again this morning and still couldn’t get the button to file like the instructions said would be there.

Six minutes after they opened I called and pressed ‘0’ to speak with someone. The recorded messages said, “Your estimated wait time is four thousand, seven hundred and 60 minutes.”

This is what you get when dealing with monopolies. I can’t wait, but everyone will, for single payer health care.

As I had to take a shower and get to work sometime before midday Thursday I wrote them a letter with my story of woe*, sales numbers, and a check then mailed it on my way to work after I sent them an email saying the check was in the mail.

* It is possible it is my fault. After I had the letter and check sealed up in the envelope I noticed a tiny field on the online form. It was where I expected to have a label saying “ID number” because my tax ID number was just to the right of it. But it said, “Annual”. It’s possible they switched me to filing annually instead of quarterly without me reading carefully enough some letter they sent a few months ago.

But my guess is that the software vendor accidentally converted all the quarterly filing people to annual filing.


Boomershoot daffodils

Nine days ago Barb and I were in Idaho and among other things we inspected the daffodils we transplanted nearly two years ago. Last year they were rather disappointing with only a little bit of foliage and almost no blooms. I was concerned they weren’t going to make it. But this year they are looking pretty good:



I don’t know if they will still be blooming for Boomershoot this year but I hope so.

It snowed most of the morning and on the north slopes and higher altitudes it stuck on the ground pretty good:


We unloaded the stakes at the Taj Mahal, then we went to Mecca where I puttered around with Wi-Fi, lights, and shelves while Barb swapped out some fluorescent bulbs for LED bulbs and folded a bunch of target boxes.

Barb also got the conference/dining room at the Orofino Best Western scheduled for Boomershoot 2016. The date will be announced at the Boomershoot 2015 dinner on May 2nd, just 17 days from now.

Everything is on track for great Boomershoot this year. There are still positions available if you would like join us for an event you will never forget.

One lie update

At a group meeting at work today they asked for “Two truths and one lie”. I used these:

  • I won first place while playing for the University of Idaho chess team in the Association of College Unions Intercollegiate Tournaments in Region 14 (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana).
  • I have a solar powered explosives production facility in Idaho where I make about a ton of explosives using Kitchen-Aid mixers each year for recreational purposes.
  • I went to Blackwater (a private military company and security consulting firm) for “gun blogger summer camp” for free and was taught by one of the top handgun shooters in the world.

After some discussion they pretty much unanimously agreed it was the chess item. Good job guys!

One of the guys in the group said, “I’m glad he is working on our side.” The director (who found out about Boomershoot during my interview for the job and signed up to attend Boomershoot with her husband) of our group responded with, “That’s why we hired him.”

Steel Challenge match results

Ry and I went to a Steel Challenge match today. I shot with a centerfire pistol and he shot a .22 Pistol.

I came in fourth out of 30 people which is significantly better than the seventh out of 36 last time with this group. I felt really good about almost all of my shooting this time. Well… except after stage 4 where I had no problems and it confounded almost everyone else in our squad and Taylor said she wasn’t going to hang out me with anymore. I completed it in 19 seconds flat and it took her over 49 seconds.

Ry made a video of me shooting one of the stages. It seems like my draw is really slow but it seems to be on the order of 1.5 seconds so that isn’t too bad.

Another thing of interest is that I was wearing a Boomershoot 2006 shirt and the R.O. said the Latin (Veni, vidi, BOOM!) was perfect.

Here are more detailed results:

Stage # SCSA ID Stage Name
1 ?? Go Fast
2 ?? Star Burst
3 ?? Concentrate
4 ?? In & Out

Centerfire Pistol

Place Name Comp SCSA Division Aggregate Total Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 DQ Additional
1 Christian S 58 PROD 57.71 57.71 10.40 15.62 15.48 16.21 Junior
2 Alexander W 55 3362 OPN 62.61 62.61 9.71 15.71 21.12 16.07 Junior
3 Connor P 60 A87260 PROD 72.30 72.30 11.00 20.43 20.04 20.83 Junior
4 Joe H 23 3799 ISP 74.71 74.71 12.54 20.58 22.59 19.00 Senior
5 Bob S 2 PROD 78.06 78.06 13.02 20.21 22.55 22.28 Senior
6 Euan G 4 ISP 81.87 81.87 13.85 26.14 20.99 20.89
7 Jeff K 15 PROD 87.74 87.74 13.69 25.61 20.77 27.67
8 Matthew M 14 PROD 88.08 88.08 13.94 24.69 25.48 23.97 Military
9 Dan P 62 A87261 ISP 89.16 89.16 15.05 25.94 24.13 24.04
10 Eric W 63 3362 PROD 90.28 90.28 16.24 22.62 27.87 23.55
11 Lukasz T 35 5956 ISP 90.31 90.31 10.87 24.60 26.03 28.81
12 Bradley M 57 PROD 96.33 96.33 13.15 23.80 29.56 29.82 Junior
13 Lance B 16 PROD 97.86 97.86 18.22 26.53 25.52 27.59
14 Tim R 20 ISR 99.84 99.84 18.85 23.81 26.24 30.94
15 Earl B 10 ISP 100.32 100.32 19.27 24.08 28.13 28.84
16 Don C 33 A85736 PROD 101.26 101.26 16.96 27.43 29.15 27.72 Senior
17 Jason F 24 PROD 104.44 104.44 14.90 29.54 30.07 29.93
18 Jeffrey K 39 A84426 PROD 106.46 106.46 16.19 31.00 25.14 34.13 Senior
19 Jesse P 28 PROD 109.06 109.06 18.42 29.30 28.91 32.43
20 Mark B 3 OPN 112.01 112.01 18.79 30.51 29.48 33.23
21 Bryce K 8 PROD 114.50 114.50 18.86 26.12 30.76 38.76
22 Brad M 49 ISP 119.75 119.75 16.98 39.49 34.20 29.08
23 Jason G 27 A86456 PROD 121.79 121.79 17.35 32.19 35.62 36.63
24 Joel F 7 PROD 124.19 124.19 18.71 29.01 33.64 42.83
25 Euan G 9 PROD 125.53 125.53 23.00 31.80 37.14 33.59
26 Patrick D 5 PROD 155.65 155.65 17.15 40.77 49.57 48.16 Military
27 Denny M 25 PROD 164.79 164.79 27.78 50.18 38.22 48.61
28 Taylor C 18 ISP 170.22 170.22 20.46 47.90 52.83 49.03 Lady
29 Gail C 19 PROD 210.22 210.22 29.49 62.28 52.56 65.89 Lady
30 Paul B 29 A87020 PROD 248.23 248.23 18.95 120.00 42.46 68.43 Senior

.22 Pistol

Place Name Comp SCSA Division Aggregate Total Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 DQ Additional
1 Christian S 59 RFPI 46.69 46.69 7.16 13.10 14.21 12.22 Junior
2 Connor P 61 A87260 RFPI 47.66 47.66 7.74 12.04 14.85 13.03 Junior
3 Lukasz T 34 5956 RFPO 50.86 50.86 8.54 14.39 13.33 14.60
4 Bradley M 56 RFPI 53.63 53.63 7.28 14.55 17.20 14.60 Junior
5 Jeff K 6 RFPO 55.02 55.02 9.39 14.23 15.63 15.77
6 Stephen D 1 RFPO 56.18 56.18 9.83 16.39 13.44 16.52
7 Alexander W 54 3362 RFPI 57.27 57.27 8.91 13.97 15.88 18.51 Junior
8 Cel A 48 4893 RFPI 58.49 58.49 11.97 15.46 15.82 15.24
9 Lance B 12 RFPI 72.81 72.81 12.20 17.27 21.37 21.97
10 Addison L 52 RFPI 73.83 73.83 9.14 20.13 26.24 18.32 Junior
11 Earl B 11 RFPI 79.23 79.23 9.65 19.77 24.54 25.27
12 Michael M 50 RFPI 93.87 93.87 17.92 26.63 23.32 26.00
13 Erik F 17 RFPI 95.71 95.71 14.51 26.51 30.53 24.16
14 Denny M 26 RFPI 103.69 103.69 11.45 29.27 36.83 26.14
15 Ry J 21 TY76202 RFPO 112.62 112.62 18.63 24.50 34.05 35.44
16 Adrian C 38 RFPI 113.81 113.81 15.13 25.98 35.98 36.72 Junior
17 James W 32 RFPI 116.89 116.89 13.68 40.04 35.67 27.50 Senior
18 Sara W 45 RFPI 117.25 117.25 30.42 30.62 30.36 25.85 Lady, Junior
19 Sabrina W 43 RFPI 125.27 125.27 19.81 37.65 36.21 31.60 Lady, Junior
20 Joey M 47 RFPI 143.40 143.40 44.56 42.90 26.41 29.53 Junior
21 Ezzy A 44 5478 RFPI 153.70 153.70 21.73 42.75 44.20 45.02 Lady, Junior
22 Isabelle M 42 RFPI 198.93 198.93 23.24 104.72 34.68 36.29 Lady, Junior
23 Paul B 30 A87020 RFPI 228.11 228.11 18.52 120.00 52.80 36.79 Senior

Vampire season again

Last weekend Barb and I made our annual trip to Lowe’s for Boomershoot supplies. Here are 825 18” stakes in the back of my vehicle:


As is usual I was prepared in case someone asked what I was going to do with all the stakes. The clerk did not disappoint me.

Clerk: What are you going to do with all the stakes?

Joe: Vampires.

Clerk: That makes as much sense as many of the other things people tell us.

Quote of the day—Frank Jardim

The sniper is an incredibly efficient fighter, compared to the typical infantryman. Consider that in World War II, American infantry units fired 25,000 rounds to kill just one enemy soldier. By the Korean War, that figure jumped to 50,000 rounds, and the select-fire M14 and M16 infantry rifles of the Vietnam War only seem to have produced more misses, requiring the expenditure of 200,000 rounds to kill one enemy combatant. Nowadays, it’s a quarter million rounds of spraying and praying to kill a single Taliban. By comparison, on average, a sniper requires only 1.3 bullets to kill an enemy. During the Vietnam War, it was noted on many occasions that a handful of snipers accounted for more enemy killed than the entire infantry battalion (and sometimes even regiment) they were assigned to.

Frank Jardim
February 27, 2015
History of the Sniper
[250 K rounds to kill one Taliban? Can anyone who has actually “been there and done that” recently confirm this? It seems like a lot.

And of course bullets and kills are not necessarily the appropriate measure of battle efficiency. You could consume 0.9 bullets per dead enemy by firing nine rounds for ten kills where one bullet killed two of the enemy and lose the battle because your enemy fired 10,000 rounds and killed 1000 of your troops.

Or you could roll your 1000 tanks supported by 10K troops into your enemy’s capital and the enemy gives up without firing a shot and no one dies.

But still, there is something to be said for one person being able to take out a selected enemy at will with a good chance of escape. This makes moderate numbers of individuals without a lot of infrastructure supporting them very powerful.

This is Why Boomershoot.—Joe]