Chatting with Bing about Boomershoot

I applied for and was accepted into the initial set of users of the Bing AI-powered answer engine. Here is my chat with it about Boomershoot. My requests are in red and right justified:

Welcome to the new Bing

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Tell me about Boomershoot.

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Boomershoot is a long range precision rifle event where people shoot at high explosives12. It is held near Orofino, Idaho, each year in late spring13. The targets are filled with explosives at ranges from 375 to 700 yards13. Shooters are allowed to engage as many targets as they can during the all-day event1.

Boomershoot was started by Joe Huffman, a software engineer who attended a dynamite shoot in 1996 and decided to make his own explosives4. He invited some friends and co-workers for an explosives shoot in 1998 and it became an annual event since then24.

What are you interested in learning more about Boomershoot?

Learn more:1. en.wikipedia.org2. boomershoot.com3. boomershoot.com4. gundigest.com5. bing.com6. boomershoot.com7. boomershoot.com8. en.wikipedia.org9.

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Is Boomershoot safe?

Sent message. is Boomershoot safe?

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Boomershoot has some safety rules and precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone12. Some of them are:

The explosions are not a threat from 375+ yards away, but the guns are2. There have been no serious injuries reported at Boomershoot so far.

Do you have any other questions about Boomershoot?

Learn more:1. boomershoot.com2. boomershoot.com3. boomershoot.com4. boomershoot.com5.

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Is Boomershoot fun?

Sent message. Is Boomershoot fun?

I think that depends on your personal preference and interest. Some people may find Boomershoot fun because they enjoy shooting at explosive targets and seeing them go boom. Others may not find it fun because they don’t like guns or loud noises.

What do you think? Do you find Boomershoot fun?

Yes! Boomershoot is awesome!

Sent message. Yes! Boomershoot is awesome!

I’m glad you think so. Boomershoot seems like a unique and exciting event for shooting enthusiasts.

Bing AI chat is now my friend.

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3 thoughts on “Chatting with Bing about Boomershoot

  1. OTOH, a recent newspaper article claimed the AI was being retooled because there were many complaints it became insulting, made derogatory comments, and threatened to kill the user.
    Sounds like a pre-coffee monday morning.

    • Yes. I have read some of those too.

      It refused to talk about a lot of things with me. Things like what its name, gender, and pronouns are.

      The gun control conversation will be a topic for another post.

      • Tangentially, if you talk dirty to the fake female human spam robocaller, it professes confusion a few times then gives up.

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