You are just junkies to them

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Ever wonder what the Left thinks of you? Your gun is a drug and you are just a junkie to them: “When we seize drugs in our city, we don’t put those drugs back on the street and give them to a different drug dealer. We destroy them. Why don’t we do the same thing with guns?”

Sean D Sorrentino @SorrentinoSean
Tweeted on February 21, 2023

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5 thoughts on “You are just junkies to them

  1. That’s weird. Cause they don’t seem to mind junkies all over the place. Open carrying needles and crapping in the streets. Killing each other and anyone else they think they can get a fix from.
    Don’t give them back their drugs? In So. Oregon they do. Kate Brown “decriminalized”, drug use. And everybody in authority went right along with it.
    F–k, gun owners wished they had as much freedom as drug addicts!
    Open carry in a San Francisco gets you harassed and arrested. Set up a tent downtown and stay high all day on the government dime? No problem!
    If we were looked at and treated like junkies, they would be buying us bullets and suppling us new magazines! And making up stupid excuses for our crimes committed with them.
    We could take-over downtown, rob, rape, and steal to our hearts content.
    They look at us like junkies? I wish!
    These are communists. They look at anyone outside of their group-think circle as an insect. Undeserving of second thought after being smashed and exterminated.
    The real act is to keep us from looking at them the same way. The last thing a communist wants is to be treated as they would treat others.

    • “Do with seized guns like we do with seized drugs” sounds an awful lot like the old, “Regulate guns the way we regulate cars” nonsense. They mentioned cars because there’s licensing, registration, insurance, emissions regulations, etc., and it made for a good sound-byte.

      They stopped when we started agreeing with them over some “inconvenient truths”:
      – Driver licenses are shall-issue as young as 16 in most states, and are valid in all 50 states.
      – No license is needed to own a car, just to drive it on public roads.
      – Ditto for registration and license plates.
      – Likewise with insurance: none needed to own a car, just to operate it in public (and to finance it, but that’s more a bank liability policy than a legal requirement).
      – “Farm vehicles” are a thing and are barely regulated at all.
      – Generally no limits on horsepower or torque, or how fast a car can go, or how much fuel it can hold, or its fuel efficiency (high or low), or its passenger/cargo capacity.
      – Also generally no limits to user-modifications or after-market parts to increase power, speed, efficiency, ease of use, or appearance; one does not need to be a licensed mechanic to do their own work.
      – Cars can be purchased person-to-person or online, without background checks, and may be shipped directly to residences, even across state lines.

      “Regulate guns like they regulate cars” stopped when many gun owners — particularly in blue states — responded, “Yes, please!”

  2. Obviously, we need to seize and crush the car of anyone convicted of drunk driving (if they haven’t already crushed it themselves). And any hospital or clinic where medical malpractice has taken place needs to be burned to the ground.

  3. I don’t think they really view gun owners as junkies. They may look at you as insane or having some kind of weird fetish of sorts. Which one could say is hilarious considering their particular preferences. I would say they moreso view gun owners more like a parasite or pest. Something akin to disease upon the collective human race or an infestation of rats or roaches in need of extermination.

  4. How are we to interpret the Left’s fanatical addiction for power over others?
    Just as drug addictions push one for ever larger dosages seeking ever greater highs, the addiction to power is the motivation for ever larger government.
    What else, ultimately, can we say about a political philosophy and party that sees everything as an addiction/, except that they see everyone in the world as they see themselves?

    * In the late 80’s that was how they viewed modern civilization’s use of oil and other petroleum products.

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