Surprise Visit From the FBI

A long time Boomershoot staff member had a surprise visit from the FBI today:

I can’t quote what they said exactly, but it sounded like a normal opening speech. They were standing about six feet back from the door, had their credentials ready to flip open (but at a totally unreadable distance), sad said something like the following, as I peeked my head out while holding the dog back by the collar as she checked them out, too.
Them: “REDACTED <first name, last name>?”
Me: “who’s asking”
Them: “Were with the FBI (flashes ID), and we wanted to ask you a few questions about boomershoot. You are not in trouble or anything, but we are following up some leads on it…”
Me: “Do you have a warrant?”
Them: “no, but-“
Me: “Come back with a warrant.” (close door in their faces and lock it).
They walked away, didn’t hear them saying anything. A minute later they drove away.

<shrug>.Probably just another “tip” from some freedom hater.

Usually they just call me.


12 thoughts on “Surprise Visit From the FBI

  1. Right answer. NEVER talk to a Fed agent unless you do so in the presence of an attorney AND you record the interview. And of course they will refuse to allow the interview to be recorded. They ALWAYS travel in pairs…or more. When they talk to you one of them will do all the talking, ask all the questions. The other will take notes…or doodle while pretending to take notes. Months later they will come back and reinterview you. If ANY of the answers you give aren’t identical to the statements you made during the first interview they will arrest you and charge you with the specious crime of “lying to a federal agent”. And the “notes” from the first interview will be used as “evidence” against you. THAT is why they will ALWAYS refuse to allow recording during an interview. It’s the way they got Martha Stewart locked up. She was accused of “insider trading”. What she went to jail on was “lying to a federal agent”. So NEVER talk to the feds.

    • Spot on! and the only evidence that will ever be examined is what clownII doodled you said.
      And. What Hank said. It goes for all law enforcement.

    • They go back to the office and type those doodles onto an FBI form. Sometimes forms have turned up with alternate versions of the interview. They can lie to you and send you to prison for lying to them. They aren’t supposed to lie under oath, but they certainly have peddled BS in Congressional hearings – especially FBI Directors – and I have no reason to expect them to be any more honest in court.

      So remember Martha Stewart and Michael Flynn, and those corrupt Directors, and never talk to the FBI without a lawyer and a recording device under your control.

  2. “So NEVER talk to the feds.”
    I think you meant “So NEVER talk to law enforcement.”

    • Proper sentiment but I am not sure there are any laws making it illegal to lie to local LEO unless you are under oath. There IS a law making it illegal to lie to a Federal Agent…a law they LOVE to use whenever possible.

  3. I’ve sometimes wondered where they hide the cameras along Meridian to record license plates on their way to/from Boomershoot.

    • Damn it! I’m screwed now! Last one was the first I came in my actual car versus a rental. C’est la vie. I’ll let folks know if I get a knock here on the East Coast. Wouldn’t be the first time an alphabet agent’s been on my doorstep or in my house.

    • They could get pictures via drones or even satellites. They could get access to Boomershoot bank records and get the credit card information of everyone. I offer money order options to people but no one has ever taken advantage of that.

    • So will I.

      I have been wondering when they will knock on my door.

      It amuses me that I occasionally have contact with the FBI through my work. And, just today, I had a long conversation with two ex-FBI employees about computer security.

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