House Near Boomershoot With a Stunning View

I stumbled across this house for sale a few miles from Boomershoot with a really nice view:



It is a five bedroom, four bath, 4,044 square foot house going for $899,000.

You should know the road to the driveway is “primitive”. Much of it is single lane and it can be very rough.

I would like to see someone culturally similar to my blog readers get this house rather than some communist from California, Oregon, or Washington.


3 thoughts on “House Near Boomershoot With a Stunning View

  1. Damn. Not quite ready to retire yet, and with today’s interest rates couldn’t swing without selling the current house.

    And I was just talking with Mrs B about where we want to retire…


  2. I really hope a Californian doesn’t get it, years ago one was complaining to me how people “just do what they want “, I told her she didn’t have to stay there.

    • Amen to that. I escaped So. Oregon. (The most invaded place on earth by Californians.)
      But that part of Idaho is different. That view comes with a price of long hard winters. And you just don’t run to town on a whim.
      You have to be somewhat of an adventurer to want to stay. Most Californians with close to a million dollars to spend will be wanting out of that view when the third winter comes crashing the party.
      If you don’t mind stocking up the shelfs and playing in the snow? This is the best place on earth!

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