5 thoughts on “Right Wing Bias of Corporate Media

  1. To the Hoggette, the main stream media are ‘right wing’ because they’re one nanometer to the right of him

  2. Hogg is an interesting case. As he represents a large group of people that will plague this country for some time to come. And it’s good to have already understood the problem.
    The case being. Is he just stupid? Or evil?
    Each have different ways of being handled in a civilized society. No one wants to beat up a moron. But pretty much everyone agrees evil needs to be put down hard.
    Hogg is interesting only in the sense that some grand master understood US, enough to use him in the way he does. Use stupid to bring in evil. As no one wants to be seen as beating up the retard.
    Just like no one in a civilized society wants to be called a racist. So, they can use blacks to bring in evil. How does one deal with that?
    The book of Revelations has an interesting line in it, it asks; “And who can make war against the beast?” And truly, How does one fight bureaucracy? How does one fight against such infantile hypocrisy?
    My solution is that one should never be afraid to sacrifice stupidity on the altar of evil. As one leads to the other, they get reacted to the same. Think of it as a homecoming. And call me anything but later for dinner.
    But you might want to go a different way.

    • Is that right wingedness the reason Miller Lite shot itself in the balance sheet with what’s his name, the female impersonator? And Disney? and Target?
      It is trite to say now that Business is Amoral, and what they want most of all are customers to come and give them money. Thomas Jefferson,that icon of the left recognized it two hundred years ago. Jefferson saw that businessmen were not as patriotic and in love with the soil as his paragons of patriotism, the Yeoman Farmer.

      • Business, for years was the devil we knew. Profit was the motive, always.
        Vox Day has shown that is no longer the case. Where before we could count on them to do evil for profit. Now their willing to do evil for evils sake. And lose large sums doing it.
        We should change also. No matter how stupid the evil is. It’s still evil. Treat it as such. Knowing the harm it will do if it’s allowed to fester.

    • “Is he just stupid? Or evil?”

      As the commenters at Prof Reynolds’ place often say:
      “Embrace the healing power of ‘and’!”

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