Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

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Government, almost by definition, DOES restrict our freedoms. Those polled aren’t wrong in the least for seeing it that way. The constant struggle is keeping this necessary evil contained to the minimum required for a functioning society.

Orgs like Everytown are part of a broad spectrum of authoritarian social engineers. They want people to be docile, preferably stuffed into cities, owning nothing, and restricted to a narrow Overton window of acceptable opinions and lifestyles. The Chinese social credit system is their model.

Guns are a threat to this (as is free speech, which is why that is also a target for them). Not even really guns themselves, but the individualist ideas they can awaken simply by accepting the natural right to bear arms. Because once you accept the natural rights framework, the Bloombergian government dystopia they want is unacceptable.

Notice how the very same people who want to ban guns also tend to want social media to censor more speech, want the government to tax everything they declare undesirable, want to punish thought crimes with a widening net of “hate speech” restrictions that shutter the Overton window, and constantly find new things they want banned.

This is also why they insist on federal gun laws. They know Boise or Manchester are doing just fine with minimal gun control laws, which drives them insane. It proves the problem in their violent cities is their own fault, and not due to gun rights. The authoritarians can’t allow such counterexamples to exist.

Control, control, control. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Kostas Moros @MorosKostas
Tweeted on July 28, 2023


6 thoughts on “Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

  1. Your points are indisputable. Progressive policies are oppressive and especially to those whom the government claims to “help”. Spread the word. Speak out. Exercise your constitutional rights. And tell those who will listen to vote for libertarian leaning politicians. We have to vote the oppressors out of office.

  2. Funny, the other day I heard some politician say it perfectly. “Introduce the bill of rights in congress today? And it would never even make it out of committee.”
    Freedom is like fear in that manner, though. It’s contagious. And Kostas is correct. Once you see it….

  3. The Fourth Amendment protections against Illegal Search and Seizure are also on the list.
    I was dismayed to discover in my Administrative Law class that the local (state, level, really) Departments of Health, Housing, and Building and Safety are not restricted by the Fourth Amendment due to them being administrative agencies. It isn’t until you’ve “exhausted the administrative remedies” that you can take your disagreement with the administrative agency to a real court and a real judge who isn’t a mere lion under the throne for the Executive branch.

  4. Nothing to argue with here… Government is a parasite. If you allow it to grow for long enough it will invariably destroy the host.

  5. There’s an op-ed in today’s WSJ about an effort of Elizabeth Warren and Lindsey Graham to create a government censorship and licensing agency. Apparently part of the motivation is that Lizzie Warren complained about companies writing “snotty tweets” about her.
    There’s nothing surprising here as far as Warren goes, but I didn’t quite expect Graham to go full bore fascist like that.
    It does help to explain why MA is planning to pass a law to obliterate the 2nd Amendment within the state.

  6. Government is not a “necessary evil.” It is evil, it is not necessary. You can’t “vote the oppressors out of office” because they are all oppressors. It’s not just the blue team who are evil, the red team is too. That’s the real “once you see it” revelation.

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