The Phallic Symbol is Unattainable

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The phallic symbol is unattainable, yet firearms and, consequently, violence are used to promote white masculinity. Gun advertisements use phallic imagery and language that promotes toxic masculine ideals. Due to the demographics of gun owners, the majority of the consumers of these products are white men. These advertisers know their market well and accurately demonstrated the anxiety white men have in a world where they feel a loss of rights and/or privileges. By using imagery of the phallic symbol, the advertisers have used their consumers’ fears and anxieties in order to sell more firearms, which, in turn, can at least partially demonstrate the white male gun owner’s identity.

Jenna Bergman
August 11, 2021
Firearms and the Phallus: Using Guns to Reclaim Masculinity

It is not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

And it is not just an attempt at a snarky comment on Twitter. This is an article in the Columbia Political Review. It is Columbia University’s undergraduate multi-partisan political magazine with a circulation of about 8,000.

It is such gibberish that I gave serious consideration to the hypothesis it is satire. I have since dismissed that hypothesis.


7 thoughts on “The Phallic Symbol is Unattainable

  1. The thing that stands out for me, in regard to these Markley’s law examples, isn’t so much their view of us. It’s their obviously wildly overinflated self image.

    It’s pretty clear that they see themselves as the very essence of the Sexual Revolution. All those gun guys are a bunch of sexless religious prudes, but they are wild crazy sex machines! After all, THEY don’t waste their time learning how to safely handle a deadly weapon (or doing any other risky or difficult activity, or working, or doing much of anything other than lying in bubble baths). They just FUCK! Or they would if it wasn’t for those gun owners deliberately interfering with their sex lives.

    As we know, this is a bunch of horseshit. Gun control freaks are the most physically repulsive creeps known to mankind. Look at that scrawny pansy David Hogg, growing a beard to show what a stud he is. (It should be illegal to grow a beard if you can’t change a tire).

    • If they have all the sex they claim to have, and still manage to be childless, they even manage to fuck up fucking. A new height (low?) of failure, a deliberate inversion of the Lord’s command to “be fruitful and multiply.”

  2. It’s interesting that liberals tend to be the ones equating sex and violence. A little of their core beliefs peeking out, perhaps?

  3. The funny thing in all this is Jenna doesn’t like the kind of “toxic masculinity” that protects and opens doors for her. Buys her dinner, and makes love only with permission.
    She sure as hell ain’t going to like the brand being imported across the so. border to replace us!
    But that’s OK. As next week her academic hypocrisy will be writing a column; Where are all the men in America?
    They always hate you till they need you.

    • It’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, and Chuck ‘Im out — the brute!
      But it’s thin red line of ‘eroes when the guns begin to shoot.

      I recall something from about ten years ago about some woman bewailing how the men don’t come to their aid any more.

      I thought the fish didn’t need bicycles.
      Or is it Bicyclists don’t need Fishwives?

      According to the Oxford Languages Dictionary (and presumably the Oxford English Dictionary as well, “Fishwife” is a derogatory term, referring to “a coarse-mannered woman who is prone to shouting.” E.g. “the screech of a fishwife.”

      I can’t be the only one who thinks of Yoko Ono here.

      • Aaah! If I were so young, I had google that name! But alas, tis a gruel fate to remember!
        I can’t believe they never started, Lennon and the Mash-cats.

  4. Ban all the phallic things! Airplanes, skyscrapers, cigars, cars, rockets.

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