Violent Criminals are Their Allies

Quote of the Day

Zero tolerance doesn’t apply to stopping criminals. The Biden administration reserves that focus for the firearm industry.

Larry Keane
Senior vice president for government and public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation
July 27, 2023
ATF has shut down nearly 2,000 gun stores since the implementation of its new “zero tolerance” policy

This is not news to most of us:

They are just being more blatant about it.


4 thoughts on “Violent Criminals are Their Allies

  1. I am curious as to the percentage of gun stores that 2000 represents.

  2. Criminals are the excuse for government power, are they not?
    And anyone paying attention knows crime families like the Bidens are the norm. And not just in the DC party.
    They’re just different sides of the same coin. Same as business and liberal government. Having acted at each other’s throats since the beginning of the industrial revolution. They somehow end up wasting billions for Marxist causes?
    Had we only taken the zero tolerance policy at Ruby Ridge or Waco?
    Just think the misery spared our nation? Those that show no mercy to others should not demand it from anyone else. And remember. Both of those incidents were over petty amounts of tax.
    Were compelled to remember government in many ways is just the legal form of crime. Zero tolerance indeed.

  3. I wonder how many car dealerships will be shut down because some of their customers drive drunk?

    • I wonder how many car dealerships get shut down because the salesman misspells a customer’s name or town.

      Or, keeping it in the agency (BATFE), I wonder how many liquor stores get shut down for leaving the apostrophe out of “Maker’s Mark” on their order and inventory forms.

      Going out on a limb here, but I’d bet the answer to both will be, “Zero, because that’s ridiculous, stupid, and vindictive.”

      Yes. Yes it is.

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