8 thoughts on “Democrats Partner with Criminals

  1. And they always have. How did the meme put it?
    “Things aren’t getting worse. There just getting more obvious.”
    When one considers the government mindset that lead to Ruby Ridge, (entrapment to force Randy to spy on white supremist for them), or, (Waco where government becomes so hyped on their own ignorance they’re willing to murder all those people.)
    Today we know they would kill us in a heartbeat if given the chance. But now we see that they always would have.
    Democrats and criminals. And don’t forget communist fellow travelers.

    • Bringing up Ruby Ridge and Waco dovetails nicely with the “I’m a gun owner but…” arguments.

      If owning guns were all it took to identify our allies, we’d have no better friends than Lon Horiuchi (Ruby Ridge sniper who killed Vicki Weaver) and David Chipman (ATF investigator who became a policy advisor for Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Giffords).

      They own guns, too. But I’d hardly consider them allies.

      • I know a man who says that every time someone says, “‘I believe in the Second Amendment, But. .. ‘Everything before the “but” is a lie.”

      • Good point, and ya, a lot of people with the “but” thing going on. That’s when I stop them with; BUT nothing, either your down with human rights or you’re a commie bitch.
        Because that’s the new world your “but”, argument has created. Get on a side.

      • Heck, I know leftists who own guns who, if the majority and the teevee told them too, would turn on me and walk me into the boxcars. They’d do it feeling self-righteous too.

        They may be gun owners, but they are not my allies.

  2. nah, it is just a bit off targets. democrats are criminals, if you consider lying and deception as criminal acts.

    • Lying is the gateway drug to all other crimes, including graft and corruption, and selling one’s self to foreign nations for money.

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