Open Season

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By removing the deterrent factor, and making it impossible for people to fight back if attacked in a public place, the City of New York and lawmakers in Albany have essentially given the green light to thugs for this kind of behavior. When you make it impossible for people to defend themselves, and then publicize it, you may as well declare an open season, especially against those most vulnerable to attack.

Alan Gottlieb
CCRKBA Chairman
April 17, 2023

This is not new information. This is well known. It applies to attacks on individuals. It applies to mass murders. It applies to everything in between.

It is long past time to prosecute those who create these environments..


One thought on “Open Season

  1. This is part of stage IV communist cancer. Not always fatal. But will be if left untreated.
    And were a 1,000 miles from medical care and all we got is a tube Neosporin and a box of band aids.
    Sorry Joe, prosecutions are for civilized societies. And all we have a communist dictatorship.
    The only way out is to make enforcement more afraid of you and yours than they are management.
    “When guns are outlawed…. Were going to have to be really scary outlaws!”
    Open Season cuts both ways!

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