Quote of the day—Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

In the Criminal Code of 1926 there was a most stupid Article 139 – “on the limits of necessary self-defense” —according to which you had the right to unsheath your knife only after the criminal’s knife was hovering over you. And you could stab him only after he had stabbed you. And otherwise you would be the one put on trial. (And there was no article in our legislation saying that the greater criminal was the one who attacked someone weaker than himself.) This fear of exceeding the measure of necessary self-defense lead to total spinelessness as a national characteristic. A hoodlum once began to beat up the Red Army man Aleksandr Zakharov outside a club. Zakharov took out a folding penknife and killed the hoodlum. And for this he got….ten years for plain murder! “And what was I supposed to do?” he asked, astonished. Prosecutor Artsishevsky replied: “You should have fled!” So tell me, who creates hoodlums?

Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn
The Gulag Archipelago, Volume 2: An Experiment in Literary Investigation, 1918-1956.
[This is just one of many similarities of Solzhenitsyn’s USSR to present day in the U.S. that sends chills up my spine.

The USSR created hoodlums just as the UK is creating them now and our political opponents in the U.S. appear to want to create. What is even more chilling is that in the USSR the political leaders openly wrote about how the thieves “were allies in the building of communism”. This was because they were the enemy of those who owned property.

I’ll have another QOTD on this topic another time but for now ponder whether our enemies of freedom came to the same conclusion as the communists of the USSR independently, through influence from them, or are only dimly stumbling into the same situation.—Joe]


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  1. The UK is exactly like this, and that’s why I’ll never go there.

    The neo-feudalists here in the U.S. WANT it to be this way, but it’s proving to be extraordinarily difficult to get what they wish. Oh, they had a good run, but even Bloomberg’s magic astroturf isn’t proving effective at pushing the pendulum back in its swing.

    Which is not to say it can’t get uglier in the short term. But I think they’ve lost, they KNOW they’ve lost, and it makes them all the more desperate. And desperate people do stupid things.

  2. Uh, I say Influence from the Commies. In fact, I’ll go farther. I think the Current Members of the Liberal Political Elite are for all Intents and Purposes Communists. C’mon, the President of the United States spent more time teaching “Rules for Radicals” than he did in the U.S. Senate. And Hillary bragging about how she is an “Old School, Died in the Wool Progressive?” C’mon.

    Oh, they’ll scream to the High Heavens that they aren’t Communists, but just look at their Policies, Laws, Rules, Regulations, Political Shenanigans at the Ballot Box, etc. What’s Obamacare all about? That sure wasn’t something that Reagan was trying to Implement, now is it?

    Bottom Line; The members of the Democratic Leadership in 2014 are, for all Intents and Purposes, Communists. The days of the Old “Southern Redneck Blue Dog Democrats” are OVER.

    After all, just WHAT is the “Fundamental Transformation of America” meant to accomplish? Turning the Republic BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY into a Marxist/Leninist/Maoist/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Nation.

    And the Republitard Leadership STILL doesn’t get it!

    • “And the Republitard Leadership STILL doesn’t get it!”

      Or they’re complicit. GW Bush pushed the Patriot Act, “No Child Left Behind”, Insane home lending and TARP on us, to name just a few, and Jeb has been pushing Common Core hard, to the point of recommending lying about it and renaming it to push it through. They’ve ganged up against teaparty candidates and they pushed McCain in .08 and Whatshisname in ’12. Now they sit on their thumbs when it comes to all the scandals and the current invasion down south. their only argumant is over how much money to give Obama for reloaction of illegals before too many people catch on to what’s happening. Complicit for sure.

      Forget the Republican Party. They were lost a long time ago. They hate you. They’ll be happy to take your money and your vote, but they fuckin’ hate you.

  3. Yuri Bezmenov was trying to rattle our cage back in the 1980s, warning us that this had already been happening for 20 years by then. Get it.

  4. Interesting side note: It appears as though the books are out of print. On Amazon, I can find abridged versions, audio versions, excerpts, and used copies. I stumbled across a used set (all three unabridged volumes) for $24 delivered, which are now on my shelf. A good condition hardbound set is often running $99 to well over $200. Individual volumes can be found for $7 or so ($3 plus $4 shipping). I find it interesting that something of this importance would fall out of print.

  5. And “gun control” useful idiots wonder why we so ardently defend “Stand Your Ground” legislation… Personally, I boggle at the need for stating and protecting such a basic concept, but when faced with historical precedents like this one, it only seems prudent.

  6. Rolf … Because of its import (and the fact that it might open people’s eyes), I suspect the left doesn’t want it in print at any price

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