Mixed feelings

I approve of the end result but I wish we had got there via the legislature rather than the courts: A federal judge has issued an injunction Tuesday blocking enforcement of Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriage, saying it is unconstitutional. … Continue reading

It’s all about feelings

Just as we have been saying for decades the anti-gun movement (is it still a movement when they have been constipated for several years?) doesn’t have the data so they go with what they have—feelings: I believe the open carry … Continue reading

Mixed feelings

While I approve of law enforcement finding and disrupting criminals before they can carry out their criminal acts I find it a little bit disconcerting that in this case the criminals/terrorists had to be led by the hand to actually … Continue reading

This makes me feel safer

From Alan Korwin: I especially liked the roof-turret mounted, bullet-proof-camera equipped, fully remote controlled, drum fed, suppressed machine gun with 360-degree sweep and elevation control now available for law enforcement vehicles. Fully mechanized roof-mounted machine gun for police vehicles. It … Continue reading

A changed mind

Via email from Lou Gagliardi I received links to the following Tweets of theirs with the comment, “There, go ahead and have a field day”. I’m having a difficult time imagining how or why anyone would transform them into a … Continue reading

Sharing some genes

I was giving considerable thought to posting something about niece Lisa sharing some genes with me when she made this post. Then today she described attending her first professional baseball game. That’s pretty much how I feel about them too–only I didn’t … Continue reading