My feelings are hurt

Josh Horwitz went on a rant about gun bloggers who might download and read a book on making explosives. He named a number of gun bloggers and there was no mention of me! And I probably have a dozen books on explosives on my shelf already.

What do I have to do to get some attention from him? I publish instructions, test results, and teach others how to make explosives on a fairly regular basis. I even describe how to take down an airplane with explosives made from common household materials. What more do I have to do to make the cut?

I think there is some sort of discrimination going on here and there should be a law against that. He shouldn’t be allowed to exercise his First Amendment privileges unless he can pass a competency test. If he is going to rant about gun bloggers and explosives then it is clear I should be number one on anyone’s list. He should forfeit his license to write or speak in public. It’s only common sense. We can do better than to allow people that incompetent to spout their lies of omission in public.

Update: As pointed out in the comment by fast richard, Horwitz has corrected his error. But he did not apologize for or acknowledge his lie of omission. I have not yet forgiven him. I still have a lot of crying to do before I’m going to feel better about this. And there ought to be a law to help prevent others from ever going through what I have gone through.


9 thoughts on “My feelings are hurt

  1. Actually, it’s easier to pick on a cripple./sarc

    No that’s not PC.

    Someone who you can make sound like an “embittered former Veteran”…naw – that’s not PC either.

    Maybe JH is just lazy and won’t move onto a new “source” of fear – now that – I’d believe.

  2. This is more kabuki security theater. What does Mr. Horowitz think all us Chemistry majors used to do in the library after looking up the Organic Chemisty syntheses we needed for homework?

    That’s right, we turned the pages of the Journal of the American Chemical Society and found the syntheses of explosives, drugs, nerve gases and chemical weapons. Why? Because we were interested in Chemistry, and examples of extreme chemistry were interesting to our heads full o’ mush. We also looked up bug pheremones, brain enzymes, and other interesting Chemistry. It is what we do, learning Chemistry.

    The Biologists looked up stuff about biowar agents and the Physicists studied radiation effects and the Computer Scientists read about computer viruses.

    Amazing that the whole world is not a smoking cinder, what with people having minds that are free from control of people like Josh.

  3. I don’t think it’s personal, Joe. I think it’s Regional. Keep in mind, these guys think the World is Flat, and one will fall off the Edge if they go past the Appalachians. The only reason that they deal with the West Coast at all is if they can jet out to San Fran or Hollywood for Fund Raisers.

  4. Josh think you can keep chemistry secret, just like you can “wish” guns away …

  5. “He doesn’t mention you for the same reason that I get no crap: we’re proven MOA shooters.”

    That’s true both literally and figuratively.

  6. Perhaps you should threaten with a lawsuit. Seems to be the only thing libs understand these days.

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