Mocking the Brady Campaign

Barron continues our video series and posts mocking Brady Campaign Board member Joan Peterson with Pumpkins for Joan:

Think about this… The Brady Campaign wants to, and has tried for decades, to get various types of guns banned. Handguns were their first target back in the 1970’s. They were originally the National Council to Control Handguns (NCCH), then the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence (CPHV), then Handgun Control, Inc. (HCI) in 1980 and finally The Brady Campaign in 2001. And as recently as the brief they filed for the DC v. Heller case in 2008 they claimed the Second Amendment did not protect an individual right and even if it did it did not extend to handguns. Not only have they failed in their decades long mission the U.S. Supreme Court has explicitly said handguns are protected. And using the phrase “in common use” the court strongly implied that the secondary target of the Brady’s, “assault weapons”, are also protected. They have some extremely high hurdles to overcome to even get back to the position they were in as late as 2008, let along where they were when they were founded in 1974. And today on our side we use not only “assault weapons” but explosives to mock them.

When guns and bullets just aren’t enough aren’t you glad we have Boomershoot?


2 thoughts on “Mocking the Brady Campaign

  1. When a plastic disposable handgun with 6 rounds preloaded is sold in a blister pack at the convenience store, what will they do then?

  2. I would like to see them join us at the range for a USPSA and/or Steel Challenge match. But more likely is they will curl up in a corner and whimper.

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