This makes me feel safer

From Alan Korwin:

I especially liked the roof-turret mounted, bullet-proof-camera equipped, fully remote controlled, drum fed, suppressed machine gun with 360-degree sweep and elevation control now available for law enforcement vehicles.

Fully mechanized roof-mounted machine gun for police vehicles.
It rotates, elevates and exterminates.

Just the sort of “Hope and Change” one might expect under a socialist regime.

I really need to do some more AP testing this weekend.


10 thoughts on “This makes me feel safer

  1. Nothing is bullet proof. I’d bet .45-70 Govt. with a nice 405 grain chunk of lead on it would go through the ballistic glass on that camera like a knife through butter.

  2. And if it didn’t penetrate it would leave a big darks spot of lead dust in front of the lens. But I wouldn’t want the lens (and machine gun) pointed at me when I was aiming a gun at it. I would want a side shot from at least 100 yards away. That means a fairly accurate high powered rifle and maybe AP ammo.

  3. Velocity is usually the key, though I suppose I could see the slower 550 grain 45/110 soft lead slug, like a deadblow hammer, knocking the thing loose from its mounts, and in that case who cares if the machinegun is still operable? It’s a matter of the syle one prefers, but accuracy and range, as Joe points out, are always a good thing.

  4. With the exception of full auto and suppression (unless you’ve the appropriate “papers, please”) this is fully legal for all of us “civilians.”

    Wonder what the local PD would do if you were driving up to the DQ drive through with this poking from the top of the vista cruiser.

  5. Joe,

    Paintballs are the quickest way to disable optics without causing property damage. Every high tech system has a low tech counter solution. The problem arises when you have multiple systems that dominate the field. For example thermal imaging which allows the thugs in an armored vehicle to detect a freedom fighter with a paintball marker.

    Now, in terms of effectiveness, the a simple smoke screen firework laced with certain metals/minerals can protect against thermal imaging/FLIR.

    You don’t need a magic bullet to defeat a superpower, you need a rugged mix of battlefield options that provide a synergistic mix making the combined effect greater than the sum.

    One of the most difficult portions of the battlespace to defend against is air superiority. Getting cheap and reliable air defense options is not in the cards for most people, but perhaps prepositioned EMP mortars based on a large firework model would work. Or perhaps a coordinated disinformation campaign against UAV’s to lure ground forces into an ambush or away from your true objective.

    Anyways, it’s something to think about. Remember the fundamentals of a successful insurgency, choose the times and places of engagements, be patient, win the propaganda war, be patient, develop information networks, be patient.


  6. Yep, sounds like a good reason to have a paint ball rifle as a back up gun. . . those can get very good range with the right barrel and paint balls.

    Save the heavy stuff for the crew that you may also need to deal with if they are pulling out this crap. . .

  7. Paintballs seem to be the best solution, but there must be some kind of fluid that either dries more quickly, or lightly dissolves the glass/plastic to frost it over. Paintball paint is rather viscous, but is easily removed (though wipers of any kind wouldn’t be expected to clean 100%, and likely would limit long range visibility).

    There must be some kind of acid or compound that eats the glass/plastic enough to severely limit visibility.

  8. solvents for plastic, glass etching materials from the art supply store for glass.

    Or a set of tools while the jackboot is inside dunkin’ truffles.

    Seriously, WHY do police need this? It’s almost as bad as the 50 cal beltfed on the armoed car that they have down in…Georgia I think, for SWAT. This is a crowd dispersal weapon that WILL fire indiscriminately, much like the anti-freedom forces claim we gun owners will. Who are the ones who protest the most? The anti-freedom morons. Will they raise even the slightest bit of protest over this? You know the answer to that.

    I’ve said it many times, when the revolution does finally come we will NOT be fighting an army, we will be fighting a few people with an army of machines. “Predator” (also go by reaper) drones, cameras, now RC guns. They don’t NEED the support of the army or to go door to door to control us. They don’t even need numbers on their side. A few people can do it.

    We are very close to going over the edge.

  9. IIRC it was only about 1% of the German military/police involved in the extermination of the Jews and other “undesirables”. If the populace is unarmed it doesn’t take very many people.

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