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72% of AR-15 owners didn’t serve. That says it all. With 81% being men, I suspect they feel there is something they’re missing. Such as a ballsack. And they feel they’re filling that ball-less void with a gun.

altNOAA @altNOAA
Posted on X March 27, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

You know they are desperate when they resort to childish insults. But, with the court ruling in our favor a few days ago, I’m in a playful mood. I can play this game too.

I suspect altNOAA feels inadequate because they have no legal, philosophical, or factual basis to support their opposition to firearms. So, they strike out with a childish insult in a futile attempt to bring their opponents down to their level by projecting their own feelings of inadequacy.


11 thoughts on “Projecting Feelings

  1. The unstated question is what fraction of the US population served, i.e., is a veteran. I just looked and the answer I found is 7%.

    So what we’re told is that 25% of AR-15 owners are veterans, even though only 7% of the people overall are.

    Interesting. Not the point it wanted to make, I would think.

    • what percentage of AR owners are police departments and sheriff’s offices?

      contractors that protect, say, nuclear power plants? Two men who graduated from Gunsite’s carbine course with me did that for a living.

      clubs with junior training programs, like mine?

      ROTC detachments?

  2. “72% of AR-15 owners didn’t serve. That says it all.”

    Ummm…that says nothing at all. The fact that the child thought it DID is an indictment of our “educational” system.

  3. Good thing we are all in the Miltia. Says so right in the founding documents.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Poor Noaa. Good thing stupid isn’t real painful. It would end up a fentanyl junkie.
    Anyway, Merry Christmas you’all!
    And hey, Noaa, look. I got a bunch of new P-mags for Christmas! And there loaded! Sweet! Just what I always wanted!

  5. From altnoaa’s twatter page.
    I figured as much, just had to check to confirm.
    Skinnyjean nancyboy.

    altNOAA @altNOAA
    Not official NOAA account, but close enough to forecast them. Veteran Managed. Followed by White House COS. Blue Team. Proud Globetard. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ ally. Ⓥ

  6. Related to what pkoning said:

    I wonder what percentage of Second-Amendment-haters served. Probably significantly less than the general population’s 7%.

    It’s easy to just give up the rights that someone else fought and died to preserve and protect, but it take a special kind of person to actively undermine and work to restrict those rights.

    If I were a veteran, I’d take it as a personal insult. (I find it insulting anyway, but if I had served I’d take it personally.)

  7. For people who profess not to know which bathroom to use, these Leftists sure seem to know an awful lot about everyone else’s masculinity.

  8. That means the remaining 28% are Vets, out of which I’d say (giving my perspective) that 50% of that are former Special Ops/Infantry.

    Which means that the 27% are probably HIGHLY TRAINED and have no problem pulling the trigger.

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