Personally Take Everyone’s Firearms

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It’s about time we go door to door and personally take away everyone’s firearms, if they don’t comply then they will be sent to prison.

Johnathan (@theprism89)
Posted on X April 7, 2023


Your move.

Don’t every let anyone get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.


12 thoughts on “Personally Take Everyone’s Firearms

  1. And, many of those you visit won’t be going to prison for firearms possession charges…

  2. I’m pretty sure when he says “we” he’s not including himself. He’s talking about the “we” that wears uniforms and he thinks can be ordered to risk their lives violating other people’s rights.

    • He does say, “Personally…”

      Of course, he is probably on the lower half of the bell curve and may not have that firm of grasp of vocabulary.

        • Or Directly, and not wait for them to turn them in on their own. He trusts others as much as he trusts himself.

  3. Maybe we could make Hi-Vis vests, and on the left breast it says something like “Civil Disarmament Volunteer”, and on the right side it says in larger letters “AUTHORITY”, in smaller letters 18 U.S. Code § 241, with a bigger QR code pointing right at the full text of that law.

    Then we could give them out at gun control rallies, and tell them to keep these handy for when it is time to go start collecting all the guns.

    I’m not particularly worried about the kind of person that willing accepts and dons such apparel to either look up what that law means or to realize how it applies to them. Knowing things isn’t their strong suit.

  4. Since he said “we”, of course “Johnathon” here is volunteering to “personally” lead the stack to go door to door and take everyone’s firearms, right?


  5. No Jonathan will be one of them put up against the wall directly after someone else has collected all the guns.
    Useful idiots won’t be so useful anymore.
    Besides, disarmament is the immigrant invaders job. That’s why they need them in the military, right?
    Kill whitey and you can take his place as our new slave.
    Anyway, they got the talking part done. It’s showtime or shut the f–k up.

    • I believe when he says “We”, he envisions himself in a situation very similar to Che Guevara, who was much braver in the prisons after the enemies of the people had been captured, disarmed, beaten, and starved, by other, braver people, so he could shoot them by the hundreds.

      • It will be darkly amusing when this person, having auditioned for the role of Beria, finds himself cast in the role of Trotsky.

        And things will just Snowball from there…

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