Ironic Twist

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I hate it too dear heart… I’m there.  I am so sorry your generation, and all of us are dealing with a preventable issue… the guns must go!!!

Kristin Hill (@khill0771)
Tweeted on January 31, 2022

Don’t every let anyone tell you no one wants to take your guns.

In an ironic twist Kristin’s account is gone and I still have all my guns.


3 thoughts on “Ironic Twist

  1. “and all of us are dealing with a preventable issue.”
    Ya, and I’m sorry, (not really), that you don’t like the way I’m dealing with it.
    But it’s guaranteed you will not like the way we will deal with you trying to get your wish.
    Think of it as one of those deep down fantasy Christmas wishes that Santa can’t/won’t deliver.

  2. They can’t stop NBC Proliferation. Hahaha.

    Stopping Small arms, will NEVER Happen in the hands of the common man. NEVER.

    I see 2 agendas.
    1-Get The Antigun idiots money.
    2-Drive small arms manufacturers out of business.

    1 is a done deal.
    2 may achievable.

    So buy more guns if you can afford it.
    And If your survivng relatives won’t KEEP Them, give them away to your friends before you die.
    Let ATF Prostitute itself to Prosecute a corpse.

  3. AKA all those pesky gun owners and Republicans must go.

    Preferably by government mandated confiscation and extermination.

    If you don’t already realize that’s what they want I don’t know how.

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