I hate my guns

Two weeks ago I shot in a Steel Challenge match with the Lewiston Pistol Club. Nice match, nice people. I shot both my Gun Blog 45 and my STI Eagle. Twice the fun for the same investment of time. But … Continue reading

Gun Blog 45

As we were filling out the paperwork so I could be approved to exercise my Constitutionally protected right to own a firearm the clerk behind the counter asked, “What model is that?” I thought about it a moment and said, … Continue reading

Summer camp

While some of the gun bloggers are off sweating at a summer camp in the North Carolina heat you should not feel sorry for yourselves. You should go to your own summer camp on the opposite coast during some of those … Continue reading

Very sad

Say Uncle’s wife died. Cardiac arrest. Nothing to do with COVID-19 that I know. I spent quite a bit of time with Say Uncle at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, NRA annual meetings, and Gun Blogger Summer camp. I occasionally was … Continue reading

One lie update

At a group meeting at work today they asked for “Two truths and one lie”. I used these: I won first place while playing for the University of Idaho chess team in the Association of College Unions Intercollegiate Tournaments in … Continue reading

We have a winner!

Don Gwinn of The Armed School Teacher has just announced he got the 11th position at the Gun Blogger Summer Camp. Congratulations Don! I’ll see you in a few weeks. H/T to Tam (who will also be attending) for the link to … Continue reading