Gun Controllers Made a Legal Mistake.

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Anthony Miranda of Armed Scholar highlighted that in response to these appeals, Illinois state has committed a critical mistake that could influence the outcome of these legal conflicts.

The state contended that rifles such as the AR-15 do not fall under the category of arms as per the text of the Second Amendment, thereby justifying the regulation imposed on such weapons. Miranda emphasized that this bold and assertive stance has elicited strong reactions from both legal experts and defenders of the Second Amendment.

Sally Reed
April 30, 2024
Supreme Court Ruling Initiates An End to “Assault Weapon” & Magazine Bans Nationwide (

It sure would be nice for SCOTUS shut down all gun control forever. But there is still a lot litigation yet to be done. It is nice to know that our opponents make mistakes too.


7 thoughts on “Gun Controllers Made a Legal Mistake.

  1. This doesn’t seem much different from a NY “judge” asserting in a criminal trial that “the 2nd Amendment doesn’t exist in New York so don’t bring it up”. In both cases, the criminals in question are doing this because they believe they can get away with it. And all too often, they do.

  2. “The state contended that rifles such as the AR-15 do not fall under the category of arms as per the text of the Second Amendment, thereby justifying the regulation imposed on such weapons.”
    Just f–king wow. That’s a hail Mary if we ever witnessed one.
    To say the most popularly bared arm in America is not covered under the 2A is pure desperation.
    And stupidity that even K. Brown and the lesbian side-show will have a hard time defending. (Although I’m sure they’ll try.)
    At some point one would think the base instincts of power would kick in and the supremes would get pissed at being ignored.
    First Heller, then Bruen. Now they’re having to explain it to the idiot communist caste a third time?
    The real matter before the court is this: If they won’t recognize the plain and simple words of the constitution in 2A, what makes the court think they’re going to listen to them and their rulings?
    The way this ends is when communists quit using oxygen. Not before.
    And our problem is we refuse to look at them as religious zealots that would make ISIS blush, that they are.

  3. Ignoring USSC’s 2nd Amendment rulings goes all the way back to “Miller.”
    Reading Lower Court decisions just after “Miller” one can almost hear the judges saying, “They couldn’t really have meant that. I’ll just pretend that wasn’t what was decided.”

  4. This just occurred to me – in “Miller” the USSC determined that sawed-off shotguns could be banned because no evidence was presented that they were militarily useful (in “Miller” only the government presented their case – the defendant did not present anything and there were no amicus briefs).
    Now, the Illinois SC says that ARs can be banned because they are militarily useful.
    Heads the government wins, tails you lose!

    • As the optimist, I see SCOTUS saying, “In Miller we said military guns are protected. Since you have found that AR-15s are useful to the military then you are required to say AR-15s are protected. By the way, if you don’t change your decision by the time the U.S. Marshalls arrive make sure you have your checkbook ready for the fine and your personal items packed for an extended stay in Club Fed for contempt of court.”

  5. Many fronts in this war. While the Left is still trying this, the new hotness on their side is expanding gun-free zones to basically everywhere. We really need to devote resources to shutting that down. “You can have hundreds of millions of guns but not take them anywhere” is not a win. The 2A prohibits the government from outlawing the bearing of arms too.

  6. The SCOTUS is NOT going to shut down gun control…ever. Because with the possible exception of Justice Thomas they WANT to see us disarmed. They are just trying to find a way to allow it to happen without openly trashing the Constitution. They could have put the matter to bed permanently decades ago but
    have chosen not to do so.

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