I’m going to Gun Blogger Summer Camp

I just got a call from Kerby Smith from Para USA, Inc. They congratulated me on being one of the top ten bloggers in their contest. Other winners include:

There should be three others as well. I expected Sebastian and Kevin but Sebastian says he hasn’t been notified and Kevin hasn’t posted anything about it the last time I looked.

Michael Bane (Update: with Bitter and Sebastian) will be attending as a video photographer, plus there will be some lucky voter that will attend as well.

In other news, Kerby said they just announced their new tactical rifle and they are opening up shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.


2 thoughts on “I’m going to Gun Blogger Summer Camp

  1. I’ve confirmed with Dave Hardy. He’s going if there’s any way he can.

    Good news: Michael Bane reports that Bitter and Sebastian will also be going, so there will be twelve of us plus the mystery voter. (I don’t count Michael – he’s “old media.” 😉

    On the downside: North Carolina. In August. Be prepared to SWEAT.

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