Gun Blogger Summer Camp Slide Show

This weekend I spent a bunch of time culling the 1000+ pictures I (and a few others) took at Blackwater into a slide show set to music.

It’s 11 minutes long and 31+ MBytes but here is the result. I like to play it with the volume cranked up to just below “noise complaint to the police”–especially at the beginning.

Update: Embedded version:

Para-USA Gun Blogger Summer Camp 2008 from Joe Huffman.


6 thoughts on “Gun Blogger Summer Camp Slide Show

  1. Joe Who is it? Thats doing the version of “One of these days” at the beginning of the slide show?

  2. illinois voter, It’s in the credits, Tens Years After.

    Youtube has a limit of 10 minutes. I tried but they don’t accept copyright material (the music).

    I’ll check out Vimeo. Thanks.

  3. Nicely done…

    but a couple of those shots are just beggin’ for a caption contest! (ferinstance, the shots around the picnik table outside the shoot house).

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