Gay marriages in MA

Lots and lots of stuff in the news about this.  The constitutional challenges to it are the most interesting aspects to me.

I especially liked this article:

[New York Attorney General] … Spitzer concluded that same-sex marriages should be given full force and effect in New York so long as they were valid in the state where they were performed. (Late yesterday, Rhode Island’s Attorney General issued a very similar opinion, while Connecticut’s declined to answer the recognition question.)

So can New York same-sex couples marry in Massachusetts, and have their marriages recognized back in New York? It’s a conundrum. Assuming Spitzer’s view of what New York courts will say is correct, then the law in New York is that such marriages will be recognized if valid in Massachusetts. Yet Massachusetts’ Marriage Evasion laws say they will only be recognized if they are permitted in New York.

Fascinating stuff.  And as I have said before I love the implications of the people that typically are the enemies of gun rights are breaking legal ground on getting other states to recognize licenses issued in another.  This will make it very difficult for them to deny recognition of our concealed carry licenses issued in one state in other states.

Boomershoot reports are coming in

I’ve been getting email from people that participated and people that read Kim duToit’s blog entry.  Mostly good stuff, but some noticed the same flaws that we did and wanted to report them. 

I made a comment on Kim’s blog about being able to delete the pictures I took of him and Stephanie now that he had said such nice things about the event and me (I’m a “National Treasure”).  He immediately wanted a copy of the pictures and when I complied he posted them on his blog.  Honestly, I wasn’t going to show those pictures to anyone but Barb.  I knew they would be amusing when I took them, but I wouldn’t have deliberately embarrassed him.  But never-the-less, I’m now a “Papparazzi Bastard“ as well as a “National Treasure“.  All in good humor — I think.

I got an email and a call from an editor for a magazine that wants to do an article on the Boomershoot.  Very cool.  We (Ry and I) said we would put on a special event just for their writer.  She said that it would be arranged.

Beheading civilians

Some U.S. soldiers humiliate some military prisoners of war and in retaliation the terrorists video tape the beheading of a civilian? I see… That makes our course of action so much more clear. These are not people that are worthy of negotiation with. These are people that are only worthy of imprisonment and extermination. They can practice their religion all they want, they can believe in their “one true god” or twenty. But they will live by a set of rules that include allowing innocent people to have beliefs and practices different from theirs or they will be hunted down, captured and/or killed. They cannot seem to tolerate our existence so it appears that we cannot tolerate theirs. As I said, with sadness, before… there is a certain amount of symmetry their willingness to die for their beliefs because we are willing to kill for ours.

Boomershoot 2004 is over

I slept 12 hours on Monday night.  10 hours last night.  Physically I’m feeling pretty good now.  The weather was (relatively) great!  A big plus there.  But I’m disappointed that a lot of the boomers didn’t detonate and that a lot of the fireballs failed to ignite.  We changed the target bodies, the mixing/grinding equipment, and added a very small amount of marking chemical to aid in determining if things were well mixed.  Other than that things were the same (we think).  So why the change in detonation?  More research is required…

Jason got some great video that I will need to “borrow” soon.  I have film in the camera bag that needs to be developed and Xenia has a bunch of digital pics to sort through.  Maybe I can get to it this weekend.

More Boomershoot nerves

I’ve been awake since 2:00.  Probably won’t be able to get back to sleep until very late tonight.  I would pack up the pickup and leave now but Kim still hasn’t come home with the pickup. I asked that she bring it home by 6:00 and I suspect she will stay out until 5:50.

The weather is looking great.  Absolutely the best forecasts ever (except for July ’99 when we had the fire the next day).

Boomershoot tests

Ry, Paul, and I went out on site today.  Found out the new cardboard ends for the targets are so tough they slow down the .22 LR bullets enough that it won’t detonate with them.  It’s not a problem with our mix.  This is very good news.  The bullets used by shooters are much heavier than the .22 LR bullets and shouldn’t loose near as much velocity when going through the target bodies.  The fireballs still didn’t work for some reason, but we can cheat with cans of sterno for the few fireballs we need to do.  We used a blender to grind the ammonium nitrate and it does it faster than the coffee grinders.

Lots and lots of targets to build tomorrow.  But with three blenders I think we can crank the product out fairly fast.

Boomershoot nervousness

For the first time this year I had trouble going to sleep and staying asleep due to the Boomershoot. Even now my stomach is tied in knots. There aren’t really any big obstacles to overcome. Things are a little behind but we have a plan to take care of that. Everything is looking pretty good. Even the weather isn’t too awfully bad. Probably one of the best weather forecasts ever for a Boomershoot. I think part of the problem is that I’m not working on it. Tomorrow I start and don’t stop until it’s done.

Generator worked fine, the coffee grinders didn’t

We got a little bit of a late start when Kim didn’t come home last night and I had to go find the van to move stuff from it to the pickup.  During the night someone had sideswiped the van which was parked on the street in front of a friend’s house.  Then Tidyman’s didn’t have any sandwiches made up and I had to wait for them to be built.

It took a while to set things up and move things out of the shed so we could have room to work.  We didn’t really get building targets until about 11:00.  Then one of the grinders died.  I called Barb who was coming out with Tim and Lisa (to deliver their camping trailer) later in the afternoon and asked her to buy two new ones.  I got the truck with the rest of the ammonium nitrate on it and we off loaded what we could from that.  But because we were running behind schedule on the consumption of AN we didn’t have enough room for it.  Barb showed up with the grinders about 15:30.  We used the new grinders with great success for about 45 minutes until one of them died too.  We built targets until 19:00 or so, off loaded all the AN we could squeeze into any decent sized container we could find.  The AN had absorbed some moisture and made a mess of the truck bed in places so we had to put the rest of the probably 200 or 300 pounds of AN in sacks and use a pressure washer to clean up the truck.  Back to the field with the pickup to load up the stuff that needed to be cleaned and had to come home.  Made it home about 23:45.  Cleaned up the mixing stuff and was in bed by 23:58.  This morning another grinder was dead.  Three out of four died.  The cheapest and most difficult to use one survived.

Also had problems with fireballs not working and the mix not detonating with a .22LR.  We’re going back out on Wednesday to do more tests and try and get our production line going.  Then get caught up with the production we didn’t get done yesterday.