Generator worked fine, the coffee grinders didn’t

We got a little bit of a late start when Kim didn’t come home last night and I had to go find the van to move stuff from it to the pickup.  During the night someone had sideswiped the van which was parked on the street in front of a friend’s house.  Then Tidyman’s didn’t have any sandwiches made up and I had to wait for them to be built.

It took a while to set things up and move things out of the shed so we could have room to work.  We didn’t really get building targets until about 11:00.  Then one of the grinders died.  I called Barb who was coming out with Tim and Lisa (to deliver their camping trailer) later in the afternoon and asked her to buy two new ones.  I got the truck with the rest of the ammonium nitrate on it and we off loaded what we could from that.  But because we were running behind schedule on the consumption of AN we didn’t have enough room for it.  Barb showed up with the grinders about 15:30.  We used the new grinders with great success for about 45 minutes until one of them died too.  We built targets until 19:00 or so, off loaded all the AN we could squeeze into any decent sized container we could find.  The AN had absorbed some moisture and made a mess of the truck bed in places so we had to put the rest of the probably 200 or 300 pounds of AN in sacks and use a pressure washer to clean up the truck.  Back to the field with the pickup to load up the stuff that needed to be cleaned and had to come home.  Made it home about 23:45.  Cleaned up the mixing stuff and was in bed by 23:58.  This morning another grinder was dead.  Three out of four died.  The cheapest and most difficult to use one survived.

Also had problems with fireballs not working and the mix not detonating with a .22LR.  We’re going back out on Wednesday to do more tests and try and get our production line going.  Then get caught up with the production we didn’t get done yesterday.