Boomershoot nervousness

For the first time this year I had trouble going to sleep and staying asleep due to the Boomershoot. Even now my stomach is tied in knots. There aren’t really any big obstacles to overcome. Things are a little behind but we have a plan to take care of that. Everything is looking pretty good. Even the weather isn’t too awfully bad. Probably one of the best weather forecasts ever for a Boomershoot. I think part of the problem is that I’m not working on it. Tomorrow I start and don’t stop until it’s done.


One thought on “Boomershoot nervousness

  1. Hey Joe,

    Don’t let the butterflys get you down. The Boomershoot is going to be fabulous, I’m sure. You and your crew are the only ones who will notice the little errors and omissions. As long as everyone is safe, thing explode on cue, and the fields don’t get torn up by rogue vehicles, everyone should have a great time!

    See you on Friday! (Despite weather predictions that don’t look too bad, Bob and I opted for a rain shelter this year, after last year’s near-SCUBA experience. Check for a cool way to specify your own shelter size for a reasonable cost.)

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