Gay marriages in MA

Lots and lots of stuff in the news about this.  The constitutional challenges to it are the most interesting aspects to me.

I especially liked this article:

[New York Attorney General] … Spitzer concluded that same-sex marriages should be given full force and effect in New York so long as they were valid in the state where they were performed. (Late yesterday, Rhode Island’s Attorney General issued a very similar opinion, while Connecticut’s declined to answer the recognition question.)

So can New York same-sex couples marry in Massachusetts, and have their marriages recognized back in New York? It’s a conundrum. Assuming Spitzer’s view of what New York courts will say is correct, then the law in New York is that such marriages will be recognized if valid in Massachusetts. Yet Massachusetts’ Marriage Evasion laws say they will only be recognized if they are permitted in New York.

Fascinating stuff.  And as I have said before I love the implications of the people that typically are the enemies of gun rights are breaking legal ground on getting other states to recognize licenses issued in another.  This will make it very difficult for them to deny recognition of our concealed carry licenses issued in one state in other states.