Boomershoot reports are coming in

I’ve been getting email from people that participated and people that read Kim duToit’s blog entry.  Mostly good stuff, but some noticed the same flaws that we did and wanted to report them. 

I made a comment on Kim’s blog about being able to delete the pictures I took of him and Stephanie now that he had said such nice things about the event and me (I’m a “National Treasure”).  He immediately wanted a copy of the pictures and when I complied he posted them on his blog.  Honestly, I wasn’t going to show those pictures to anyone but Barb.  I knew they would be amusing when I took them, but I wouldn’t have deliberately embarrassed him.  But never-the-less, I’m now a “Papparazzi Bastard“ as well as a “National Treasure“.  All in good humor — I think.

I got an email and a call from an editor for a magazine that wants to do an article on the Boomershoot.  Very cool.  We (Ry and I) said we would put on a special event just for their writer.  She said that it would be arranged.