Eric Engstrom

This morning I received an email telling me Eric Enstrom died. I probably spent an hour staring off into space thinking about him. I thought about all the things I would say in my blog post. Then I realized I … Continue reading

It is 2020 after all

Seven year-old grandson Bryce shared this in his parents Christmas letter: Q: What’s the worst vision to have?A: 2020! Barb and I know we have been extremely fortunate compared to a lot of people. Still, there are some things that … Continue reading

Deposition results

My Quote of the Day for yesterday was Sean wishing me “good hunting” in the deposition. That was very nice and even encouraging. But either Sean was unaware of the roles being played or he was supremely confident of my … Continue reading


I’m only about a year late on this. I’m not big on anniversaries and generally only pay attention if it’s socially required behavior. Alex St. John wrote an article on the 10 year anniversary of Direct-X. I had a minor role in … Continue reading

Stossel gores Gore

Via email from Stephanie. I like the part where the scientists who have supposedly been “paid off” are lamenting about not receiving their wheelbarrows full of cash. It’s the same story as us gun bloggers not getting our payoff from … Continue reading